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Precast Concrete Fences

Precast concrete fences and concrete walls are the perfect alternative to traditional wood. American Precast Fences products are manufactured from the highest quality industry grade materials. Our precast concrete fences are designed and developed to simulate the rich appearance of wood, solid stone, and brick and come in an array of designs. They have the aesthetic appeal of the authentic material without the hassle of maintenance. Our precast fencing products are designed to last a lifetime without needing to be replaced like their authentic counterparts normally do after years of being subjected to the elements.  The features of these fencing solutions can be painted to complement the existing surroundings and tie everything in together.

Our Precast Concrete Walls and Concrete Fences Are Perfect for Every Type of Project

American Precast Fences manufactures several designs that are serviceable for all types of situations. Precast concrete wall panels are the affordable solution for projects of all sizes. Easy to install and offered at competitive pricing, the precast wall panel systems from APC, are suitable for use by the do it yourself enthusiast as well as the seasoned professional.  They are a breeze to work with and can be placed to follow any determined route or property line.  Suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, these walls are the answer for all of your fencing needs. Simulated wood grain, brick or stone designs are all available with our high quality precast concrete wall systems.  We have several different dimensions of precast concrete walls to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.  Tall and wide, short and narrow, solid or split rail, or any combination related to size and style – we have you covered.  There isn’t a more affordable or enjoyable fencing solution on the market.

American Precast Fences

How to instantly upgrade the exterior of your home with precast or prefab concrete elements


If you’ve been looking for the picture-perfect design piece to really set your exterior and garden spaces apart from all others – or just want to make sure that you are going to be able to design and build the garden or lawn space of your dreams without any worry about structural issues whatsoever – you’re going to want to invest in high-end concrete fencing, precast concrete walls, or precast concrete wall forms from American Precast Fences.

Hands-down the premier concrete company as far as concrete fence, precast wall, and concrete wall forms are concerned in the area, you’re going to find that the professional experts at American Precast Fences are able to help and assist you every single step of the way.

Not only will their design experts help you to find out exactly what you can and cannot do with the exterior spaces you have, which are also going to be able to work closely with these professionals to figure out how to integrate these precast concrete walls, precast concrete fences, and precast concrete wall panels within your overall design aesthetic – creating elite spaces that you simply would not have been able to otherwise.

On top of that, concrete allows you to enjoy almost instant construction capabilities, simply because it’s able to be poured right in place and sets up rather quickly. When you’re working with a team of professionals that knows exactly what they’re doing, you’ll have absolutely no concerns whatsoever when it comes to getting the real results you’re looking for.

Here are just a few of the big benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you decide to move forward with American Precast Fences!

Highest quality concrete that will last for decades and decades


The most important thing that you need to keep in the top of your mind when investing in precast concrete fences or precast concrete wall panels has to be the quality of the concrete used throughout each and every construction piece.

Contrary to popular belief, not all concrete sources are created equal. Ever since the Romans first began using rudimentary concrete literally thousands and thousands of years ago, the “recipe” has been perfected over that time span while at the same time tweaked and modified by different concrete providers or concrete companies.

The experts at APF are going to make sure that each and every single batch of concrete that is poured into their prefab concrete walls, precast walls, and concrete fencing is of the highest possible quality – free of any defects or drawbacks that would compromise the structural integrity of their solutions or the overall design and visual aesthetic.

Nowhere else in the local area (or beyond) are you going to find experts that are quite as serious about making sure that the quality of their concrete is up to their ridiculously high standards – something that you as a homeowner are going to appreciate.

Offering a number of different design aesthetics of that you can take advantage of


The other thing that you’re really going to appreciate when you work with the team of professionals at APF is that they have a whole host of different precast and prefab concrete solutions ready to be installed in your home or on your land – without any delay whatsoever.

Because these solutions are already precast and prefabricated, as there is as small a delay as humanly possible between ordering the concrete fencing or precast walls and having them delivered and installed on your land.

This is all done to maximize speed and efficiency, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to sacrifice visual impact or overall design in any way whatsoever. There are a wide number of different types of precast concrete wall panels, concrete fencing solutions, and other prefab concrete products offered in a wide variety of different designs and form factors, more than enough to suit any personality or need.

You’re certainly not going to be stuck with a Henry Ford problem, where he told all of his original customers that “they could have any color they wanted, provided it was black”. Instead you’re going to find that AFP and make sure you’re able to take full advantage of the landscape, the exterior design of your home, and the overall “lay of the land” if you will with the unique precast concrete walls, precast concrete fences, and prefab concrete walls that they provide their

Why American Precast Fences

Our solid precast concrete fences will save you both time and money.  They are easy to install and replace.  Instead of hiring a stone mason, brick mason or woodworking fencing specialist, a section of precast fencing can be delivered and installed in a single day.  Building and maintaining a fence around a piece of property has never been easier, what used to take weeks can now be done in a few days or less.

Our fence products are manufactured in Southern California and offer superior engineered and steel-reinforced precast concrete fences and wall panels. Our concrete products are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality and maintain consistency in our fence and wall products. APC is the leader in precast concrete throughout California. Give us a chance to provide you with your next fencing solution!

Our fence interlocking system makes it easy to install. You can enjoy a beautiful design
and added security at a terrific price!

Some Benefits of using
American Precast Fencing Systems

  • Simple, Fast and Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible Uses
  • Permanent Color and Long Lasting
  • Can easily be integrated with Iron Gates and Iron fencing
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Effective Sound Barrier
  • Resistant to Weather, Termites and Moisture
  • Ideal for High Fire Hazard Areas
  • Security and Strength of Concrete

These are only a few of the many benefits that American Precast Fences deliver!