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July 2020

precast concrete retaining walls

Top Benefits of Precast Concrete for Your Retaining Wall

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Depending on where you live, dealing with heavy rain and the threat of landslides or floods might be major factors when planning your home or business. According to FEMA, just one inch of flooding in your home or business can cost you $27,000 in repairs. Landslides have the potential to bury your building completely. Most use some kind of retaining wall for protection from landslides and flooding. Here are the top benefits of precast concrete retaining walls. Read More

precast concrete wall

Why Precast Concrete Costs Less and Save You Money

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We might have several important things to consider when starting a new construction project, but for most people, the cost will be the most important. We don’t usually have unlimited budgets, so anywhere we can cut costs is essential.

You might have heard that precast concrete can save you money – if you haven’t, you are hearing it now. Where do these savings typically come from? Depending on the other construction materials you are considering, this savings might not be in upfront costs. Precast concrete can save you money both in the way it is manufactured and how it’s maintained. Read More

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Neighborly Etiquette Tips for Installing a Precast Concrete Fence

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Neighbors can make or break your experience in a home. For the most part, it’s to our benefit to do what we can to get along with them. Your fence is the one part of your property that you might share with the neighbor, so it makes sense that one of the top disagreements among neighbors is fencing and property lines. Here are some etiquette tips when installing a precast concrete fence that should minimize the complaints from neighbors. Read More

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Tips for Repairing Your Existing Concrete Fence Panels

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Prefab concrete fences shouldn’t need frequent repairs – that’s one of their significant benefits. However, if your wall does get damaged, it’s best to tackle the repair job ASAP. Getting it done quicker, keeps the repair job small and manageable. Waiting could turn the problem into a big problem. Once you fix a problem, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect the area and make sure the repair is doing okay. Read More

prefab fence panels

How to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

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Your backyard should be your private sanctuary, but for many, they are anything but private. The big, expansive lawns that are the ideal backyard element can make privacy difficult. Peeping neighbors or curious passersby can make it feel like you are on display. Here are some ideas to turn your backyard into a quiet, comfortable place. Read More