3 Tips to Get Your HOA to Approve Your Precast Fence

HOA approved residential precast fence

If you have an HOA, getting them to approve your ideas can sometimes be tricky. You know that installing a precast concrete fence will be a benefit to the neighborhood. Now you need to convince the HOA. We want to help! Here are three tips to get your HOA to approve your precast fence. 

Do Your Research

When asking the HOA to approve something, the first key step is to do some research on the bylaws. 

Every HOA has different rules. Some HOA’s have rules on where fences can be installed and how high they can be. Others have rules that only allow fences in backyards. Some HOAs only allow specific styles of fence.

Sometimes you will need to request something that is against the rules. You will need to petition the HOA for this allowance. Maybe you have a bustling road and need a higher fence to block the noise.

Knowing the rules before you ask will make the HOA view your request with a more sympathetic eye. No one wants to review an application when it’s full of illegal things. Change your plan to fit the bylaws before submitting your request.

Go Into Detail

Submit plans that have all the necessary details on them the first time. All too often, HOA’s get plans submitted that are just rough sketches. This forces them to ask a ton of questions to nail down the details. Or they miss a key detail, and that becomes a problem after the fence is built.

Include all the details: the height, materials, and the blueprints of the layout. Include exact pictures of the materials you want to use. 

Make it your mission to cover all the bases so the HOA doesn’t have to request more information. Any requests will slow down the process. 

Follow Up and Check-In

Requests from homeowners can take weeks for an HOA to approve. Remember, the HOA is made up of volunteers who have other things going on.

Any delay at the beginning of the process will slow everything down. You don’t want to find out four weeks later that the HOA never got your application in the first place! 

This is why we recommend following up. Make sure they got your application. Ask them if there is any information they need that you forgot to include.

Then, if you haven’t heard anything after a while, there is nothing wrong with reaching out again. See if there is anything you can do to speed things up. We all need a poke sometimes. 

Just make sure you are polite and calm with your request. Losing your cool won’t help and could make your HOA less likely to work with you. 

American Precast Concrete Inc.

If reading this stresses you out, don’t worry. We will help you work with your HOA, so you don’t have to do it alone. If you are ready to send your HOA a precast concrete fence request, contact American Precast Concrete Inc. We are here to help you through the process. Call us today for a free consultation.