American Precast Concrete’s Timeline: Planning, Construction, Transportation, and Installation

precast concrete

You’ve heard of all of the benefits of choosing precast concrete, and you’ve decided you’d like to use it for your next construction project. So what’s next?

The precast concrete process is slightly different from that of traditional concrete. It takes quite a bit of work out of your hands and makes for a more manageable project overall, but it does require some planning ahead.

If you’re interested in what it takes to get a precast concrete wall or fence from idea to install, read on to learn everything, you need to know. 


The planning phase consists of a few factors. First, you’re going to need to figure out the length and height of the wall or fence you desire. Our precast concrete is made to order, so you’re going to have to be specific about your needs, as any additional length will require weeks to produce, and any alterations to height will be an entirely new order altogether. Fortunately, we can help with measurements. 

The next factor in the planning phase is choosing your style. We offer a wide array of different looks for your precast concrete wall or fence that recreate the look of other popular building materials. Unlike those materials, though, ours are easier to install and more affordable! 

If you like the look of chiseled slate masonry, you can go with our CHISELSTONE or if you like the warm feel of traditional brick walls, you can go with our RUSTICBRICK. Whichever you choose, our broad range of styles and wide selection of colors will perfectly fit your aesthetic. 


The next phase of the precast concrete timeline is construction. Based on your specifications, we will pour and cure your materials in our climate-controlled factory, ensuring that they are created under the ideal conditions possible. This eliminates a range of issues that can arise when pouring and curing traditional concrete on-site, including discoloration, spalling, cracking, and issues related to inclement weather.

The process of pouring and curing your precast concrete takes around 3-4 weeks, so be sure to plan accordingly.


Getting your precast concrete delivered to the construction site can be a precarious process that requires a fair amount of planning and preparation. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to call in a helicopter to get the job done.

Transportation is a three-step process: Plant to the yard, yard to the truck, and truck to the job site. Getting through these steps without compromising the structural integrity of the materials or doing any cosmetic damage to them requires a group of skilled professionals that are proficient with the necessary equipment. Fortunately, we’ve got the team for the job! 


Once the materials have been safely delivered to the construction site, all that’s left is the install process. 

The first step is the installation of the footings to which the precast concrete molds will be attached. Those will be ready and waiting for the delivery of the molds. 

Once the delivery arrives, the sections will be removed from the truck and placed along the fence line to ensure that they are all correct. Next, they will be lifted and installed section by section. This process generally takes about 5 days for a 100-foot long, 6-foot high wall. 

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