Precast Concrete Wall being reinforced with steel poles.

While concrete is naturally strong and durable, reinforced concrete emphasizes these qualities. Creating a reinforced concrete structure involves using steel to create a supportive structure.

The manufacturer embeds steel in the concrete to give it the strength and support necessary for larger construction projects.

There are several benefits to applying reinforced concrete in construction projects. As you explore these benefits, you’ll understand why reinforced concrete is a better option in the long term.

Consider the High-Resistance Factor

While ordinary concrete is durable and long-lasting, it may buckle or break up under extreme stress. For this reason, it’s not recommended when building large commercial or industrial facilities. It can also fail under the pressure and movement caused by floods and earthquakes.

Conversely, reinforced concrete has a steel structure, making it sturdier and more durable. Reinforced concrete stands up much better against strong environmental forces, even in extreme natural disasters like hurricanes.

It Stands Up Against Other Forces

Reinforced concrete forms a highly durable barrier against all types of natural threats. In addition to withstanding strong winds, it’s highly resistant to moisture.

This means it’s unlikely to suffer water damage, and mold growth won’t be a significant problem. It also forms an effective barrier against fire since neither concrete nor steel is combustible.

Reinforced Concrete Is Highly Versatile

Another benefit of reinforced concrete is that you can create any geometric or artistic shape. After making the mold, you build a steel reinforcing structure and insert it into the mold.

Once poured, the concrete envelops the support structure and fills the mold. This process helps create round domes, rectangular shapes, or any other form you desire.

Maintenance Won’t Be a Concern

While other building materials might degrade over time and require routine care and maintenance, that’s not the case with reinforced concrete. A reinforced concrete structure can last from 50 to 100 years without maintenance. In most cases, the most care a reinforced concrete wall will need is the occasional washing.

Enjoy an Easier Construction Process

A reinforced concrete wall can be created on-site or in the manufacturer’s facility. Either way, you can erect the components much faster than when constructing walls and other surfaces with other building materials. This is also a safer process that reduces the likelihood of job site accidents.

Since concrete is poured into molds and cured, construction involves much less labor. This allows you to assign other tasks to your work crew. While you wait for the reinforced concrete to cure, your team can work on other aspects of the project. In addition to saving on labor, this can help you complete a project in less time.

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