Can You Add Barbed Wire to a Security Precast Fence?

grass with precast concrete fence with barbed wire and sky with clouds

Barbed wire is one of the best ways to secure an area. Can you add barbed wire to a security precast fence? Absolutely. Here’s how and the top 6 reasons you might want to consider it.

How To Add Barbed Wire

Adding barbed wire to a security precast fence is easy. The main thing to remember is you need to let us know ahead of time. That way, we have time to add the barbed wire to your design.

We add barbed wire to a security precast fence by embedding inserts into the concrete during pouring. Then you have places to hook the barbed wire into the precast concrete fence. This makes for a secure barbed wire addition that is easy to install.

6 Reasons Why You Need Barbed Wire

On the fence about adding barbed wire to the fence surrounding your commercial or residential property? Here are 6 reasons to go with barbed wire.

Effectively drives away intruders. 

Not only does barbed wire look intimidating and nasty, but it feels that way too. Barbed wire hurts, and would-be intruders know it.

Barbed wire is tough to get around without injury. Designed in a way that makes it very hard to cut with standard wire cutters, barbed wire is one of the best ways to add strong protection to your property.

Readily available and cheap.

In a world plagued by supply chain issues, we constantly look for everyday items that fit the bill. Barbed wire is plentiful, and it does its job well. 

While we can’t promise anything, you will have better luck finding barbed wire than other specialty materials. Since it is easy to manufacture, any time waiting on delivery will likely be short.

Because the barbed wire is so easy to make and install, it is also a cheap way to add excellent protection. 

Easy to install.

As we said, when we prepare your new precast concrete fence to include barbed wire, we will simply embed inserts into the concrete. 

When it comes time to install the barbed wire, all you will need to do is clip the barbed wire into place. Easy and quick. We can even help do this after the fence is completed.

Flexible and customizable.

No matter what your fence is designed to look like, the barbed wire will be able to match the slope and contour. The barbed wire will match any fence if you have an extreme slope or a crazy fence that zigzags.

While we can’t promise that barbed wire will be the prettiest fence you have ever seen, we can ensure that the wire used is galvanized, so it doesn’t rust.

It can add value to your property.

For areas that need extra protection, the addition of barbed wire will make your property more valuable to future owners.

Works well on animals.

Maybe you aren’t looking to keep intruders out, but animals penned in. The barbed wire keeps many animals out – without electricity. For many animals, the painful barbs will be enough to teach them to stay away from the fence.

American Precast Concrete Inc. 

If you are looking to add barbed wire to your precast concrete fence or looking for an option for your property, contact American Precast Concrete Inc. today. We are here to assist you with all of your precast concrete fencing needs, commercial and residential.