Can You Attach a Gate to a Precast Concrete Fence?

gate attached to a precast concrete fence

Are you 90% sure you want to install a precast concrete fence but have just a few more questions? If yes, one of them might be: Can you install a gate with a precast concrete fence? The short answer is yes! In fact, we often install gates for our clients. Here’s more about it and how it works.

Do You Need a Gate?

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a gate in your fence. For one thing, a gate is a great way to keep the security of a precast concrete fence while making it more practical.

Maybe you just need quick access to the fenced-in area from many different locations. Or maybe you have a large fenced-in area, and it isn’t practical to only have one entrance.

Some want to include a gate for a car to drive through. Others have animals that they need to lead through a precast concrete fence.

Lastly, gates can add a lot to the look of a fence. You can really get creative with what gate you pick. A beautiful gate is an easy way to add interest to a front or back yard.

What Gates Can You Pick?

You really can go with whatever gate you want – wood, aluminum, or other metal. You can go with a new gate or even pick up a used one on Craigslist. 

We recommend going for a gate that matches the style of fence you are installing. This might include a plain, metal fence if you are going for a modern-style precast concrete fence. Or, if you are going more “old world” or traditional, jazz things up by picking an ornate gate. 

Since the gate is going to attach to its own post, you don’t need to worry about if the gate will connect with the concrete fence. The only thing that needs to be compatible is the height. You want the height to be similar, but it doesn’t need to be exact. 

Gate Installation

How do we attach any gate you want to our precast concrete fence? It’s simple. First, we need to send the idea over to our engineers who are designing the precast concrete fence. In their plans, they will need to mark where the gates will be installed. 

The location of the gates will be part of the first questions we ask you. If you want a gate, we will go over the exact locations during the walkthrough with you. 

At some point, we will need the details of the gate you have picked, so our engineers can include the details in your design. 

All we do is install the gate post right next to the post for the precast concrete fence. These two posts would share a footing.

American Precast Concrete Inc.

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