Can You Install Precast Concrete on a Slope or Hill?

American precast Fence being built on a slope on a hill

Maybe you want to install a precast concrete fence, but your property isn’t flat. Facing a hillside, you might find yourself wondering: can you install precast concrete on a slope? The short answer is yes. Here’s how.

Built to Deal with Ups and Downs

If we could only install precast concrete on flat ground, that would make options pretty limited. The fact is many of us have some slopes on our property – some more extreme than others.

There is a limit to the slope precast concrete can be installed on. Unless you live on the side of a mountain, this limit is unlikely to impact your ability to install a precast concrete fence

Prior to starting work, we will do an inspection of your property to make sure it’s possible to install a precast concrete fence. We can install fences on the vast majority of slopes.

At American Precast, we know that being able to install your precast concrete fence where you want is important. That’s why we have developed the perfect method for installing precast concrete on a slope.

How To Install on A Slope

The way to install a precast concrete fence on a slope is by using stepped hillside fencing. This means the fence goes down a slope in a stepped fashion. 

First, you want to measure the spot for each post—Mark out the fence beginning and ending point with a stake and line. Level the mason’s line with a line level. The line should be at the same level from the beginning to the end of the fence.

Calculate the total drop of the fence by measuring the height of the line from the ground at the beginning and end of the fence line.

Measure and mark the location of each fence post. Calculate how much each fence section will need to drop by dividing the total drop of the fence by the number of fence sections.

Next, you want to install the fence posts. Install each one like you typically would, but you want to make sure that each fence post gets progressively deeper as the fence goes downhill. The difference between the top of each post should be equal to the drop of each fence section calculated in the previous paragraph.

At each post, measure from the top of each post down to where the top of the panels will be. Make a mark at this point. Tie a line at that mark and continue that line over to the next, downhill post. Tie the line at the next post, so the line is level to the ground. Continue with this down the fence line.

Finally, we started installing the fence panels. We can install any style of American Precast fences using this method. If you want a solid fence, we can ensure that there are no gaps at the bottom of the fence. We simply bury the bottom panel into the ground. 

The top panel should be level with the line marked on each post.

American Precast Concrete

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