Can You Put Precast Fencing Against Other Materials?

precast concrete against the metal wall

Have you gotten excited about installing a precast concrete fence, only to have your hopes dashed when you talk with your neighbor about the idea? Is the neighbor of your business or home set on keeping their wood, metal, or vinyl fence? 

This isn’t a fun situation, and you really only have two options. One, build your precast concrete fence right next to the old fence. Or, two, convince them that precast concrete is worth the switch.

Convince Your Neighbor to Switch to Precast Concrete

Precast concrete has a lot of benefits and can be made to fit any situation. If your neighbor seems dead-set against precast concrete, see if you can convince them the switch is worth it.

First, if you aren’t on great terms with your neighbor, spend some time investing in the relationship. Strike up a conversation with them. Get to know them. Don’t bring up the fence until some time has passed.

Use this time to get to know them. At the very least, you might gain a new friend.

Once you feel like things are on good terms between you, mention the fence again. Spend some time listening to them. Try to figure out what objections they have against precast concrete.

Once you fully understand their objections, send them material, or tell them the information you have learned to counter those objections. We have a ton of information on our blog about all the benefits of precast concrete fences.

See if you can come up with unique ideas that might sweeten the deal for them. If they object to the cost, explain that precast concrete is so much less expensive than others and commit to paying for more of it.

If they are worried about the mess interfering with their backyard for days, see if you can schedule the installation around a short trip they have planned. Surprise them with how quickly precast concrete fencing can be installed.

Lastly, offer to do 100 percent of the maintenance. If you have done your homework, you know that precast concrete doesn’t require much maintenance – but your neighbor doesn’t know that! They will think they are getting quite the deal.

Install A Precast Concrete Fences Next to Your Neighbors Fence

If you really cannot convince your neighbor to switch, it’s time to build your own fence.

While you can definitely build your fence right against the old material, you will need to give it some room. The exact spacing will depend on what our engineers determine is needed. But you will have to sacrifice some of your property space – at least several feet.

Luckily, because precast concrete is so durable, you won’t have to worry much about the neighbor’s fence bothering your new precast concrete fence. Even if their whole fence falls over onto your new precast concrete fence, everything should be fine.

The biggest bother will be the fact that you won’t be able to easily access the neighbor’s side of your new fence. We generally recommend an annual wash, so you might have to get creative as you clean.

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