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How to Self-Install a Precast Fence

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Many choose to have professional help when installing their precast concrete fences. It can be an intensive project, and the professionals will likely be able to do it quicker and with fewer headaches. However, if you have the basic skills, it’s not impossible to do it on your own. Here is the best way to install your precast concrete fence.


Your project needs to start with a planning phase to help it go smoothly. Often this will start out working with the precast concrete fence manufacturer even if they aren’t doing the installation. You will need to decide where the fence will go and map/measure out the fence line. Go over this plan with the manufacturer, and they should help point out any flaws with the project. 

You will need to send over your plans and any other documents to the permitting department and start the process for applying for a permit. Sending over the plans should be done at the same time as your discussions with the manufacturer. Every planning department will have requirements that could change the design of your fence. You will also need to make sure your crew and equipment are all reserved.

Develop your Base

Once you have your permit in hand and your crew and equipment ready, it’s time to start prepping the area. You will want to level out the ground along the fence line. Double-check that everything looks good before the fencing is onsite.

Fence Footings

The fence footings are the support that the rest of the wall will depend on, so they need to be installed well. Drill down holes at a depth and spacing determined by your precast concrete wall manufacturer. Place each footing in the hole and backfill with concrete.

Install Wall Sections

Install the wall sections one at a time. Line up the first section with the supports and attach the wall segment. Once the panel is secure, the rigging used to place the panel can safely be removed. Move onto the next panel and make sure each one lines up nicely with the panel before it. Once all the wall sections have been secured, place the concrete cap over each section to hide the supports. The wall is now complete!

While this installation work is doable, it’s likely one of those projects that are best left to the professionals. The consequences of installation mistakes are big – maybe piles of the broken concrete wall. But sometimes, for financial reasons or other reasons, you have no choice to install it yourself. Here are some last few tips to help.

  1. Find a decent sized crew. This is the time to call in all the favors. While it only takes a few people to install the panels, having a good size crew will help make sure everyone can take decent breaks and isn’t working too hard. This is a big job.
  2. Don’t cut corners on equipment. Beg, borrow, do what you must to get any equipment you need. Not having what you need can make the job impossible.
  3. Talk to the precast concrete manufacturer about hanging out on one of their other jobs. Observe them and get a good idea of how the process goes. If they are trying to win your business, they might be open to the idea. You can pick up some tips to make things more comfortable too.

If you are ready to get started with your precast fence, be sure to contact American Precast Concrete, Inc., today. You can find the materials on our website and if you decide to go with professional installment, American Precast Concrete Inc. can help you find some!

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How Different Soil Types Affect Your Fence Installation

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Anyone who has tried to dig a hole in dry sand at the beach will know that some soil types can be challenging to work with. There are three main types of soil: sandy soil, loamy soil, and clay soil, along with other less common types like soils with gravel, chalk, or silt. Each of these variations will impact how the fence should and will be installed. 

The following is what you need to know about each soil type when installing your precast concrete fence

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6 Step Process for Installing a Precast Fence

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gessInstalling a new concrete fence shouldn’t be a complicated process on the side of the consumer; instead, it should be simple and worry-free. When a precast concrete fence is installed, it is a quick and relatively painless process. Every step from design to installation is taken care of, so the consumer gets exactly what they want, without the hassle. 

Here is the basic process of installing a precast concrete wall or fence.

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Why Precast Fences are Ideal for Neighborhoods and HOAs

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Most HOAs provide the maintenance and upkeep of landscaping and structures in common areas. This will often include fences or walls around the entire neighborhood. These fences protect the buildings and people inside and give much-needed privacy. 

Often, these walls are large and built from solid material like concrete or brick. Choosing precast fences in your neighborhood will save the HOA money and provide many other benefits.

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Why Prefab Concrete Walls Work Best for Large Scale Projects

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When you are looking at a large-scale project, there are many options for building materials – each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Precast concrete is gaining footing as a desirable option for developers and contractors.

The following are 12 reasons you should pick prefab concrete walls for your next project:

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Top 5 Amazing Benefits to Using Precast Concrete for Your Fence

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Adding a concrete fence to your property can have an array of benefits. For many, it can be an exciting time to an aesthetic element, while others may find it stressful to have the construction going on. Either way, what you are left makes it all worth it.

Here are the top five benefits to using precast concrete for your fence that will make your fencing project more enjoyable.

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7 Ways Precast Concrete Can Save Money

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We are all looking to cut costs on our projects without sacrificing quality. When comparing concrete options, precast walls tend to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. In fact, using precast concrete walls instead of on-site pouring can provide a cost savings of up to 23%, respectively.

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