How to Choose the Right Security Fence for Your Business

Precast concrete security fence surrounding the perimeter of a property.

Owning a brick-and-mortar business makes security a significant concern. You’ll want to use security features that will protect your staff and customers as well as your physical assets. Setting up effective protection often involves installing a security fence, but before you start looking for one, it can help to know which type of fence will best protect your business.

Avoid a Fence with Negative Spaces

Any open space can help an intruder gain access to your property, and even the smallest margins can provide them with an advantage, so it’s best to look for a fence or wall without any negative space.

Instead of a chain link or slatted fence, consider a precast concrete security fence. Anyone can easily climb a chain link fence, but a concrete wall presents a much more difficult barrier to cross. A fence with a solid face will make it harder for an intruder to slip on and into your property. Make sure your fence reaches into the ground, as well, to prevent intruders from attempting to dig under the fence.

Make Durability a Priority

When searching for the right fence for your business, you’ll want to pick one that will last for several years.

Wood or vinyl fences probably won’t last long once they are regularly exposed to rain, high winds, and extreme temperatures, but a galvanized steel fence or a precast concrete security fence will better stand up to such conditions.

Since the rate of wear and tear will be slower, it may be decades before you have to think about replacing a steel or concrete security fence.

Get the Proper Dimensions

You might find fences that are somewhat limited in size and shape, making it difficult to get the best protection for your business. Concrete walls and barriers are better in this regard, as you can order them to fit the custom needs of your business. If you have an irregularly-shaped lot or you want to make sure your security fence reaches a specific height, a precast concrete security fence or wall is often recommended.

Look for Fences that You Can Modify

A proper security barrier should be sufficient enough to block intruders on its own, but you might want to enhance the security of the property surrounding your business’s structure. Consider looking for a fence that can be easily modified to accommodate security lights and cameras to further ensure the better safety of both authorized employees and customers.

Make sure you can install barbed wire on top of the fence as well. You might want to add other anti-climbing features to your fence, too, to make your property even more secure.

If your property uses one, a gate should have some type of access control. When you install a precast concrete security fence, you can easily modify a gate to operate with a card reader or another type of access control device.

Get a Better Security Barrier for Your Business

American Precast Concrete offers a wide range of concrete fences and walls to help you secure your business and improve the appearance of your property. You can learn more about our products when you contact us.