From Residential to Rural: Elevate Your Property with a Concrete Ranch Rail Fence

Precast concrete ranch rail fencing surrounding the perimeter of a residential property.

Installing a ranch rail fence can create a rustic look for any property. A classic aesthetic that stands the test of time, this traditional style of fence is most commonly found on ranches and used for corralling horses and other livestock.

Today, ranch rail fencing has moved beyond the countryside and transformed into everyday fencing. There are many reasons to consider this versatile fence for your property.

The Problem with Wood and Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing

Traditional wood ranch rail fences are beautiful, but over time, the planks tend to fade, warp, and shrink from exposure to the hot sun. You’ll notice boards popping out of place or cracking, prompting the need to pay for maintenance.

Vinyl ranch rail fencing is made from expensive plastic. This material isn’t very durable or environmentally friendly. It becomes brittle and cracks after exposure to high temperatures, requiring a replacement once it breaks completely.

Repairing this material is challenging because some sections must be completely replaced due to how they are assembled.

Why You Should Choose a Concrete Ranch Rail Fence

If you’ve done any amount of research on fencing materials, you know there are dozens of options to choose from. Every material, including wood and steel, has its benefits and drawbacks.

However, having a concrete ranch rail fence benefits any homeowner who installs it.

Styles and Customization

When you have a specific design in mind for your property, the ability to customize your concrete ranch rail fence is a valuable option. Precast concrete fencing can be made in various shapes and designs. The possibilities for creating a stunning fence to surround your property seem limitless, allowing you to bring any idea to life.

Other materials, like steel or wood, do not provide these options. Your fence will look similar to any other home or farm that installs a ranch rail fence.

Simple Installation Process

Using precast concrete for your ranch rail fence simplifies the installation process. Precast concrete panels are lightweight, making them easy to transport to any installation site.

No heavy equipment is needed, and the fence can be set in place without damaging your landscaping. This is especially important because it eliminates any potential disruption to your neighbor’s lawn, too.


When you invest in any fence, you’ll want to know that it’s durable. Nothing beats concrete in terms of durability. It’s one of the strongest materials available, and a concrete ranch rail fence can withstand extreme weather and temperatures for many years.

Low Maintenance

You may have a packed schedule that doesn’t leave much time for maintaining a fence. Luckily, concrete fencing doesn’t require much time for cleaning and recoating. It’s a low-maintenance material that requires no re-staining. However, you may need to occasionally spray the fence to remove any accumulated buildup.


Installing a fence can be a hefty investment. Some fencing materials need replacing after 10 years, requiring you to reinvest in another fence. Concrete is a better option because it is a long-lasting material that can last 25 years or more!

Get Your Concrete Ranch Rail Fence

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