Concrete Walls

Decorative and Durable Precast Concrete Walls

Quality meets design with our precast concrete walls built to match your surroundings and withstand the elements. Realistic textures mimic the appearance of solid stone, wood, and brick in an endless variety of designs and colors. Prefab concrete means a streamlined and fast installation that takes way less time than traditional wall systems.

Precast concrete walls continue to gain popularity among developers, engineers, and contractors in a variety of settings, including:


Large-scale residential developments and subdivisions benefit from the privacy, security, beauty and uniformity offered by precast concrete walls.


Precast concrete walls offer unmatched security and sound reduction for utility companies, municipal agencies, interstates and more.


Retail facilities, warehouses, and other commercial buildings gain protection from attractive yet durable and low-maintenance privacy and security solutions.

Block Walls Vs. Precast Concrete Walls

Traditionally, concrete walls were built with concrete masonry units (CMUs) or “concrete block walls.” With precast concrete, solid wall panels are constructed in a controlled setting to meet the industry standard. Unlike block walls, precast concrete is poured into specific forms beforehand, then delivered for a quicker install than conventional on-site construction.

Concrete walls can be used as:

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete simply means concrete cast into a reusable mold or “form,” which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the install-site and lifted into place.

Benefits of Precast Concrete

Extremely Durable: Precast concrete is highly resistant to impact, corrosion, and weathering. With 4500 psi compression mixed for 28-days, our concrete has high compression strength with low permeability. No water enters, which means no rust on the inner-rebar can cause the wall to expand and crack.

Customizable Aesthetic: Precast concrete walls can be customized in a variety of architectural styles, colors and finishes to match a desired aesthetic. Made with high precision and detail, our concrete wall panels blend seamlessly with residential, commercial and any other development projects. Both identical wall faces are sealed, so they maintain their beauty for years.

Easy-Installation: Our innovative interlocking post and panel wall system makes for an easier and more efficient assembly process than other wall solutions. Precast concrete walls can be installed on varied terrains and soil types, at both shorter and taller heights and virtually any layout. Our precast concrete can also be used as retaining walls to reduce soil erosion.

Factory-Controlled Setting: Made in our Southern California facility, all precast wall products are under strict quality control to ensure proper pouring, curing, and adherence to design and specifications. All of this ensures concrete walls look uniform and stand the test of permanence.

Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional materials like wood, chain-length, stucco, vinyl, iron or concrete block, our precast walls don’t suffer from environmental deterioration, from weather, temperature, insects, fires, and earthquakes. Rarely do owners need to refinish or reinforce precast walls.

Cost-Effective: Precast concrete offers the lowest overall lifetime cost. Manufacturing in a factory-setting means less margin for error and therefore less unexpected costs. A streamlined installation process helps contractors plan on-time and on-budget. Our concrete walls also outlast and outperform the alternatives with virtually no required maintenance.

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