Decorative Focal Points.
Architects and landscapers know the importance of artistic detail to the final aesthetic of a project. That is why American Precast Concrete offers a host of decorative solutions to add that extra something to any design. Our posts, pillars, and wall segments can be customized to make beautiful entryways, gates, signage, mail boxes, and landscaping walls.Our precast concrete is available in a variety of designs that look like natural stone, brick, or wood for a fraction of the cost. We have a special colorization process that infuses layers of rich colors into the concrete for a finished product that has realistic texture and color nuances that are both beautiful and permanent.

Precast concrete never needs repainting or staining, regardless of climate conditions. By eliminating the need for paints and stains, we’ve also reduced the amount of harmful VOC that are emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, our walls are impervious to infestation, meaning they will never need to be replaced or suffer from unsightly degradation from pests or natural elements.

The team at American Precast Concrete works closely with designers to ensure decorative projects achieve the exact look desired. Our products can be fitted with lights, sconces, metal art, wrought iron, planter boxes, or water features. With American Precast Concrete, you can be assured your focal point will have distinction, character, and lasting beauty.

Installation is quick and easy, keeping your project on schedule and on budget. Call today for a personal consultation. We are ready to fulfill your artistic exterior design needs, helping you impress your most discerning clients with a unique and attractive decorative focal point.


  • Variety of Designs
  • Infused Layers of Rich Colors
  • Resistant to Weather, Termites and Moisture
  • Cost Effective
Contact us if you have further questions or if you would like assistance with designing your next screening wall or fence using our quality-engineered products.