Strength. Security. Affordability.
This combination makes precast concrete the ultimate building material for utility walls and fences. With all the visual quality of traditional masonry, precast concrete delivers an attractive wall without the expense, maintenance, or lengthy installation process associated with stone and brick.American Precast Concrete is leading provider for municipalities, utility companies, transportation, and developers. Our precast concrete walls and perimeter fences are made with the highest quality concrete, and are reinforced with ASTM A615, grade 60 rebar and galvanized steel meshing. Standard installation includes posts set 5 feet on center with wall heights ranging from 1 to 14 feet. For the most demanding situations, our Security Wall series is made with high-density concrete and is available in panel lengths of 5 or 8 feet.

We offer a several patterns, textures, and color options to create a wall that conforms aesthetically to the surrounding community. Precast concrete walls are engineered to withstand harsh winds, extreme weather conditions, seismic ground movement, and insect infestation. Since they require minimal to no maintenance, our walls eliminate ongoing budgetary requirements while providing full functionality for years.

Precast concrete walls are the best way to protect expensive and dangerous equipment, provide sound barriers for nearby residents, and reduce the risk of terrorist attacks on public utilities. Because installation is done in sections, if any portion of the wall should ever sustain damage, repairs can be made quickly without impacting the structural soundness of the rest of the wall.

Keep your community safe. Keep your operations running smoothly. Keep your investment costs down. Call American Precast Concrete to learn more about how we can design a wall to meet your exact needs and specifications.


  • Ultimate Building Material for Utility Walls
  • Reinforced with ASTM A615, Grade 60 rebar
  • High-Density Concrete
  • Panel lengths of 5 or 8 feet