Trash Enclosures
Despite the necessity, trash dumpsters are not attractive. You’ve worked hard to design an inviting, attractive development. Why let it be tarnished by trash? American Precast Concrete can install a trash enclosure that will eliminate the unsightliness of trash bins on your property with a beautifully designed, customizable product that will blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. We have patterns that suit every architectural style from rustic and rural to elegant and cosmopolitan.
  • Shopping centers
  • Business parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Community centers, pools, and parks
  • Open space, campgrounds, and nature reserves

Not only to precast concrete trash enclosures help beautify the property, they are also perfect for securing dumpsters from vandalism, vagrants, and animals. Trash enclosures provide a solid concrete-walled perimeter with each panel fitted securely into the support posts. No gaps. No holes. By opting for a concrete foundation, it becomes impossible for animals to dig under in order to access the trash inside.

Access gates are anchored securely to the concrete posts and can be locked when not in use. This is especially helpful in areas where unauthorized use of trash bins is problematic. Securing trash bins decreases expenses, protects the environment and surrounding wildlife, reduces loitering, and keeps developments cleaner, safer, and more inviting to residents or consumers.

Precast concrete is an affordable way to beautify property while keeping trash where it belongs—inside the dumpster. Call American Precast Concrete to learn more about design, color, and size options available for your trash enclosure.


  • Eliminates the Unsightliness of Trash Bins
  • Blends Seamlessly
  • Helps Beautify the Property
  • Securing Trash Bins