How to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Precast Concrete Fencing on Commercial Properties

Precast Concrete Stone Fence surrounding the perimeter of a commercial property.

When you need to install a fence on your commercial property, you’ll want to find an option that offers appealing beauty on top of solid security. While wood or stone fences meet these requirements, they have drawbacks, which you can outright avoid by installing precast concrete fencing with a stone texture.

How Stone Walls Benefit a Commercial Business

Whether you choose a natural stone wall or a type of precast concrete fencing, you might prefer the appearance of a stone wall. In fact, many business owners choose to install walls on their property that resemble natural stone, given the physical beauty of the material.

Natural stones can give any business a traditional look that can appeal to customers, and a stone facade is easy to keep clean as well. In most cases, you can do so simply with either a hose or an occasional pressure wash.

Why You Should Avoid Using Natural Stone

While the traits of natural stone are attractive, there are some drawbacks to consider when choosing between it and precast concrete fencing, and it’s necessary to determine how those disadvantages will affect your business.

In looking at the installation of natural stone walls, it’s important to note that building them requires significantly more labor and time, which drives up the initial cost. A natural stone wall also requires the use of mortar, thereby limiting the wall’s height.

Even then, a higher wall will deteriorate faster, anyway, meaning you’ll face more frequent maintenance costs and may end up posing hazards to your business or customers as the wall ages.

Why Choose Precast Concrete Fencing with a Stone Texture?

You can combat all of the drawbacks of a natural stone wall by installing precast concrete fencing. Precast concrete is initially formed in a manufacturing facility, then shipped in panels to your site. That approach makes the installation process require significantly less labor, which saves money for your business and gives you a completed fence in a much shorter timeframe.

Since the fence is made of concrete and has a stone face, it will stand for decades without suffering from any deterioration, freeing you up from worrying about maintaining the fence’s good condition. Even if your region should experience severe weather conditions, precast concrete fencing will easily withstand those environmental forces.

Additionally, you can build a much higher wall, which will provide better privacy and security for your business and customers without having to deal with the instability of a natural stone fence of the same height. Precast concrete fencing also offers greater versatility and customization compared to natural stone, which is limited in how you can use it for a wall or barrier.

We’ll Customize Your Precast Concrete Fence

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