Understanding Fire-Resistant Precast Concrete: What Makes It Effective?

fence on fire next to precast concrete fence that is not flammable

Installing precast concrete in your building gives your structure fire-resistant properties, and a precast concrete barrier wall around your property will, similarly, stop the spread of a fire. Given the comfort that comes from knowing that precast concrete offers these protections, the following overview will tell you more about the material’s fire-resistant qualities.

Concrete Resists the Heat Caused by Fires

Recent testing has truly proven precast concrete durability. The tests involved exposing the material to extreme heat, during which the surface of the material reached a temperature of 900℉ and an internal temperature (at a depth of 16mm) that did not surpass 600℉. Deeper measurements revealed that the concrete at a depth of 42 mm only reached a maximum temperature of 300℉.

Since the internal temperature of the structure is shown to stay cooler, the precast concrete retains its structural integrity, ensuring that it’s an effective deterrent against the spread of fires.

Flames Cannot Pass Through Concrete

Once a fire reaches a precast concrete barrier, its spread will stop, given the fire-resistant feature of the concrete. As such, a precast concrete barrier wall surrounding your property’s exterior can prevent a fire from reaching your home or business.

When used in an enclosure or as a part of a building’s structure, precast concrete also helps to stop the spread of smoke and hazardous fumes into other parts of the building. As long as windows and vents remain shut, those fumes will dissipate without spreading, thanks to precast concrete durability.

Precast Concrete Durability Remains Consistent

Even though extreme heat doesn’t visibly damage precast concrete, you might worry that the molecular structure is altered through the process. Thankfully, research has revealed that, even in extreme heat, concrete remains undamaged at a molecular level, remaining just as strong and durable after a fire and thus giving you the same protection against future fires.

The structural integrity of the concrete remains intact as well. After a fire, you can continue to rely on your building’s concrete components, making precast concrete an excellent choice for a building’s infrastructure.

Repairs Are Easy to Complete After a Fire

While precast concrete durability is undoubtedly something you can rely on, a fire might cause minor damage to its external surface. Superficial chipping or cracking might occur when a fire causes another object to impact the precast concrete, but these minor damages are easy to patch.

If there is more significant damage, you’ll find that it’s also easy to replace damaged components. Since precast concrete is installed in panels, you can replace one panel without disrupting those surrounding it, making post-fire repairs far less costly and more effective.

Get Precast Concrete Components From the Experts

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