Most Frequently Asked Questions About Precast Retaining Walls

Precast concrete retaining wall made to look like brick, surrounding the exterior of a home.

When you want to preserve the contour of the land on either your residential or commercial property, installing a retaining wall is an effective approach. A retaining wall is one that protects against the erosion that rainwater runoff can cause. The wall, often made of stone or brick, will keep soil from shifting while adding to the appeal of your property’s exterior.

Below, you can find reviewing some commonly asked questions and gain more information about installing a precast retaining wall.

How Are Retaining Walls Constructed?

The most common materials involved in the construction of retaining walls are stone and brick. However, it’s much easier to install a precast retaining wall that’s made of concrete. Since the wall gets constructed in the manufacturer’s facility, you’ll reduce the time and labor involved in the installation process by taking this approach.

What Are the Best Ways to Use a Retaining Wall on Residential Property?

A retaining wall can be effective in protecting your home’s foundation if it’s positioned properly. A home that’s at the top of an incline can shift as heavy rain loosens the soil beneath it, but a retaining wall will prevent the foundation from shifting by reducing the amount of soil around the home.

For a home that sits at the base of a hill, a retaining wall will prevent rain and natural erosion from pushing soil against the foundation, and if you have basement windows or a cellar door, the retaining wall will keep loose soil from blocking those access points.

How Will a Retaining Wall Benefit Your Business Property?

Using a retaining wall on your business property will provide the same support and protection that it provides to residential properties. If you have ever seen a retaining wall in use on a commercial property, you’ll know that it also adds to the curb appeal of the property as well. The right retaining wall can help you scale up your hardscape design as well as improve safety and security.

Can You Customize a Precast Retaining Wall?

You can create a precast retaining wall that meets your design ideas by modifying any aspect of the wall. For instance, you can choose between brick, stone, or concrete, or you can design a wall that uses two or more of these elements. You can also customize the design, texture, and color of the wall, so if you’re creating a theme with your property’s specific design in mind, you can undoubtedly customize a retaining wall to match.

Do Decorative Retaining Walls Provide Protection?

Yes. Referring to a retaining wall as “decorative” simply means the wall has a unique design meant to have it look more attractive. It can match your home or commercial building, or it can complement other hardscaping on the property. As long as it’s properly positioned on the property, the wall will still provide the protection you expect from it.

How Is a Retaining Wall Incorporated into the Landscape Design?

When installing a retaining wall, it can create a garden terrace or use the wall to set your pool or hot tub apart from your house. You can enhance any landscape design with the use of retaining walls.

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