A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Building with Precast Concrete

A group of construction workers gathered around design templates for a precast concrete fence.

The applications for precast concrete are virtually limitless, which is why this is an option more developers are considering. From constructing schools and government buildings to installing a precast concrete fence, you can use this method for building almost any structure.

Design Your Own Structure

Your structure’s design is limited only by your imagination, so you can create a precast concrete fence or any type of building that fully meets your expectations.

You can start by choosing the color and specific shade you want for the finished concrete. The manufacturer will know how to adjust the coloring when mixing it with the concrete aggregate to achieve the desired hue.

You can also modify the texture and finish of the precast concrete to obtain any appearance you want. This might involve keeping a naturally smooth concrete finish or adding polished flagstone for a rougher surface. Design the precast concrete for use with various types of trim, such as brick, glass, or fiberglass.

Use Precast Concrete for Building Components

It’s also possible to use precast concrete for the construction of components necessary to the structure of the building or precast concrete fence. For example, you can order precast beams for your structure. Use precast rectangular beams, L beams, and inverted T beams to speed up the construction process.

In addition to a variety of beams, use precast concrete for installing structural columns as well as column covers to improve the building’s aesthetic. Precasting is an effective method for building the hollow-core slabs you’ll need for floor and roof decks. These slabs are commonly used in apartment buildings, schools, and government buildings.

Build Your Structure from the Bottom Up

Precast concrete pilings are durable and strong enough to form the pilings for your building’s foundation. Once you have the foundation in place, you can build modular units with precast concrete, which you can later move into position on the building site.

Alternatively, you can install precast concrete directly, constructing the frame of your building right on top of the foundation.

Finish your project by building lite walls for your parking garage. Installing precast units makes it easier to leave the open gaps used in garages for better natural lighting and improved security.

Reinforcing rebar is used in the construction of lite walls, much like with other precast concrete products. This makes them effective in providing the long-lasting force resistance necessary to support the rest of the garage’s structural components.

Install Precast Risers and Stairs

If you’re building a school, a stadium, or another type of public venue, you’ll need to construct risers and stairs that will withstand the weight of spectators.

Constructing your stairs and risers will involve a process similar to that used in creating a precast concrete fence. The manufacturer will send the risers and stairs in segments, which will be ready for installation.

Finish Your Project Faster with Precast Concrete

Whether you want to install a precast concrete fence or build a larger structure, American Precast Concrete has the products you need. Learn more when you contact us today.