How American Precast Concrete Prioritizes Safety 

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Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 1 in 5 worker deaths in 2020 was in the field of construction. In 2019 alone, an estimated 195,600 workplace injuries occurred in the construction industry. This is just one of the many reasons why American Precast Concrete considers job site safety to be of the utmost importance.   

Whether a job is a simple installation at a private residence or a large-scale project for a commercial building, there is a possibility for injury at any job site. Careful consideration must be given to all potential risks involved in a job before a project begins and after it is underway. Read on to learn more about the ways that American Precast Concrete prioritizes safety on each and every one of its precast concrete projects. 

Preparing for a Project   

Planning for a safe project is just as important as executing a project safely. For this reason, we conduct a thorough assessment of each job site for certain risk factors before we break ground. The local soil and ground must be dry, compacted, and confirmed to have the appropriate bearing strength before we begin. Next, potential hazards beneath the earth must be identified, and the lifting zone must be cleared of any obstructions. Once these standards are met, the project can begin. 

Establishing Safety Standards 

It’s imperative to have a plan for safety on any job site. This means having clear-cut rules about safety equipment and operation protocols and defined penalties for failing to comply with these protocols for our team. Before any project starts, we have a plan of action in the event of an emergency that is clearly laid out and understood by every member of the construction crew. 

Highly Trained Operators 

Misuse of heavy machinery is the easiest way to cause injury or death on a construction site. We understand that it’s imperative to ensure that all heavy machinery operators are highly trained, certified, and cognizant of safety protocol. 

It’s also important to us to have crew members who are working alongside the equipment operators informed about the use of heavy machinery and the potential dangers that each machine presents. 

Ensuring a Smooth Operation 

In order to make sure that a construction project is completed safely and smoothly, communication is vital. A detailed plan for any project is shared with all of the crew members so that there is no confusion once the machines are in operation, reducing the likelihood of injury or damage. 

Triple-Check Everything 

When we use equipment like cranes to lift precast concrete walls, it’s not enough to double-check that the load is secured before giving the operator the thumbs up to move forward. Every last load is triple-checked in order to avoid costly accidents, a serious injury, or a fatality. While it may sound like taking one or two extra steps, those steps may be the very thing needed to protect a life.   

Using American Precast Concrete for Your Next Construction Project 

If you’d like to learn more about precast concrete, contact American Precast Concrete, Inc. today. We’d be happy to answer your questions about our safety protocols or the benefits of our incredible precast concrete products.