How Locally Sourced Concrete Materials Can Enhance Your Precast Fencing Project

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The materials you choose can be what make or break any project, and whether you’re using prefabricated concrete or concrete alternatives, where you source the materials is equally important. Depending on the nature of your project, using local resources could be a no-brainer, but some project managers question whether it makes a difference.

While numerous concrete suppliers exist throughout the United States, local suppliers offer unique benefits compared to those further away. When you want more certainty with your project, locally sourced materials stand to offer far more advantages.

How You Benefit From Using Local Suppliers

Although the consumer landscape is always changing, many companies choose to begin sourcing concrete locally once they discover its benefits, which include the following:

Enhanced Flexibility and Supply Chain Control

Not many construction projects move forward without any challenges. You never know when you’ll need more of a single material for your fencing project, just as an example, and relying on a distant supplier will slow down your overall timeline for completion. When you source concrete locally, suppliers can typically deliver products faster.

In addition, it’s far easier to coordinate transporting supplies across town than across the ocean. Using a local supplier allows you to address any problems face-to-face, thereby reducing any opportunities for miscommunication, which often transpires when working with large teams and potential language barriers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

It takes significant energy to transport any material, whether traditional concrete or any number of concrete alternatives. Additional fuel must be used to haul them across long distances, substantially impacting the environment.

Although it’s nearly impossible to eliminate your carbon footprint in its entirety, working with local suppliers will help reduce the time spent in transit compared to national or international suppliers, minimizing your environmental impact as much as possible.

Faster Timelines

Contractors who work with local suppliers benefit from operating within the same time zones. It seems like a simple factor, but it simplifies communication, as you’ll spend less time waiting for a response to your message, thus resolving problems quicker and meeting (or even exceeding) your projected timeline.

An Investment in the Local Economy

Supporting a local supplier tells your community you want to help the local economy prosper, and many customers appreciate industries that keep their businesses local.

Not only will locally sourcing your materials support your community, but it will also enhance your company’s reputation and draw additional business. Using a local supplier also helps create jobs in your community, stimulating the economy and positively impacting local residents.

Increased Savings

Sourcing concrete or concrete alternatives involves a significant financial investment. You must pay for shipping costs, insurance coverage, and tariffs or duties when you source concrete internationally. All of these factors affect your budget on top of the fact that your products have further to travel.

Buying locally sourced cement resolves many of these issues. It will cost less to transport the materials, and you won’t have to worry about the delays associated with international shipping.

Improved Quality Control

As local suppliers source their products from the same geographical area, they better understand the materials. As a result, the quality of their concrete is improved and more consistent than that sourced from a supplier far away.

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