precast concrete posts in a residential area

There are several options when installing support posts. The main options are wood, cast-in-place concrete, and precast concrete. We highly recommend going with precast concrete posts. One of the biggest reasons is longevity. Precast concrete lasts much longer than the other options. 

In this blog post, you will find out how long you can expect a precast concrete post to last and some other benefits to choosing precast concrete posts. 

How Many Years Can You Get?

You can expect your precast concrete post to last generations – 50 to 100 years. But this answer comes with a slight caveat. This number is assuming the precast concrete was well-made. Poorly made precast concrete will have a shorter life.

You need to go with a quality precast concrete supplier to get the maximum number of years. Why? The way precast concrete is made has a big impact on its strength and durability. 

Precast concrete is typically made in a temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. At American Precast Concrete, we make sure that the climate always remains optimal for the best results. 

We don’t have to deal with rain, snow, or any other weather problems. With the weather taken out of the equation, we produce perfect concrete almost every time.

For the rare times that something goes wrong, and the concrete isn’t perfect, we make sure not to ship that imperfect concrete. We inspect every part before it leaves our warehouse. If we notice any problems, the piece will be remade, and the original will be recycled into aggregate.

Why Choose Precast Posts Over Wood?

Wood has the advantage of being cheaper – at least in the short term. Once you look at the long-term costs, the wood starts to lose its shine.

Wood is highly susceptible to rot, damage from pests, and fire. All of these can wipe out your wood posts and make you replace them.

Wood also naturally has a shorter lifespan than wood. It isn’t as durable or as strong. You can expect to get around 20-30 years from your wood post.

Precast concrete isn’t susceptible to rot, pests, or fire. They will last longer and require less replacing and maintenance than wood posts. 

Additionally, if you want to have fun with some color, at American Precast, we can add pigment to the concrete before pouring for beautiful, durable color.

Why Choose Precast Posts Over Cast-In-Place?

While traditional cast-in-place posts and precast concrete posts are both made from concrete, precast concrete posts have significant advantages over cast-in-place ones. 

When pouring cast-in-place concrete, you have to deal with rain, snow, extreme heat, or cold. All of these could make your concrete posts weak. Because precast concrete is poured in a warehouse, with temperature control, precast concrete is stronger.

Installing precast concrete posts is also easier and safer. Since we aren’t pouring outside in the rain and heat, the workers aren’t at risk of slipping or overheating. Since precast concrete is made inside and shipped to the project location, you just slide the posts into place.

American Precast Concrete

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