How to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

Your backyard should be your private sanctuary, but for many, they are anything but private. The big, expansive lawns that are the ideal backyard element can make privacy difficult. Peeping neighbors or curious passersby can make it feel like you are on display. Here are some ideas to turn your backyard into a quiet, comfortable place.

Precast Concrete Walls

If your HOA allows them, precast concrete walls are ideal for privacy. They come as prefab fence panels that are solid pieces of concrete. They can be as high as 14 feet tall and extend to the ground – nowhere for people to peek through the cracks.

Because precast concrete walls can be a custom build, they can fit almost any aesthetic. They can look like a brick or stone wall but at a fraction of the price. Pigment or aggregates can be added to the concrete before it’s poured into the molds for a long-lasting, unique color or texture.

Bamboo and Living Walls

Greenery has been used for privacy since we’ve been creating backyards – for a good reason. It’s relatively cheap and looks great. Most will go for the classic hedge or wild-looking shrubs, while others might like the look of a row of cypress trees.

The only downside with these options is they can take a while to grow into adequate privacy. To counteract that, you could start with a precast concrete fence and plant the greenery in front. This way, you have the immediate privacy from the wall and the lush greenery.

Some other, more unique ideas are bamboo or living walls. Bamboo won’t work well in every climate – it generally does best in warm, tropical environments. Some varieties can handle cold temperatures, so don’t give up on this option if you live further north. Be careful with bamboo if you live in its ideal climate. It can spread like crazy and grows impossibly fast (this can be a blessing and a curse).

Living walls usually involve plants in a vertical planter. There are many different designs out there, so it should be easy to find something you like. Vertical planters dry out fast, so you will need a watering plan if you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of rain. It’s best to install an automatic watering system.

Private Corners

Privacy can be especially tricky in large yards. It can be expensive to line the whole yard with greenery or a prefab concrete wall. Sometimes, if the large yard has dips and hills, there can still be exposed areas, even with a fence or wall. Creating private corners can help.

You can use any of the ideas mentioned here to create private areas. Block off a small section with a concrete wall or build a living fence around the space. Whatever method fits with your vision best, secluded corners are the best of both worlds: privacy and your big, expansive lawn.


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