How to Care for and Maintain Your Precast Concrete Fence

Gray precast concrete wall

Concrete fences can last for decades if properly maintained and cared for. While they are sturdy and strong, there are some things that can damage them. Like most things in life, if you take care of your concrete wall, it will take care of you.

If you have a precast concrete fence or will be installing one, you will want that fence to last for a decade to come. Here are ways you can maintain your fence to keep it standing strong and looking great.

Prevent Objects from Striking Your Fence

Things hitting your concrete fence can cause chips and cracks, especially around the corners and edges. Avoid hitting the base of your concrete wall with any heavy machinery – like a lawnmower.

Next, look up. Are there any trees that might fall and cause damage? Trim trees that might become an issue.

If, despite your best efforts, damage does happen to your precast concrete fence, get the chip or crack sealed right away. Swift action will stop the damage from getting worse and keep your fence looking good as new.

Seal Your Concrete and Avoid Spills

Concrete is strong and attractive, but it is also porous. Reapply a topical sealer to your concrete fence every few years to reseal the concrete, as it does wear off.

Focus your attention on the joints – the water can get in there and cause damage when it freezes.

Anything like paint, markers, oil-based products, salts, and acids should be removed right away to prevent them from penetrating the concrete and permanently staining the fence. If the concrete does stain, aggressive cleaning might do more damage than good. Use a mild cleanser instead.

Annually Clean Your Fence

A thorough annual cleaning will keep your fence looking great. Not only will you be removing any dirt, grime, and rust, but this is a great time to do a full inspection of your wall.

Catching any cracks or problems early will prevent them from growing into big problems.

When you clean your concrete fence, use a concrete-specific cleaner. Many household cleaners will not work well. Determine what kind of stains you have (rust, dirt, graffiti, oil, and grease) and find a concrete cleaner with specific components that work on your stains.

Prevent Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the hardest things to clean from a concrete fence. The best way to clean graffiti from your wall is to discourage it from happening in the first place. Nothing is more inviting to a tagger than a big blank wall.

Cover it up by planting bushes or vines in front of it or even pay someone to paint a mural. Adding lighting along your wall will also keep taggers away. No one likes to be lit up while breaking the law.

Keep Extreme Heat Away

Using any sort of extreme heat like a torch or welder too close to your fence could cause the aggregates to pop like popcorn – cracking and damaging the fence.

Take Care of Rail and Fence Post Holes

Fill in any holes around rail and fence posts with anchoring cement or sealant to keep water out of the holes. Moisture in the holes could crack the concrete when it freezes in the winter.

It also could cause rusting of the rail or fence posts, which could lead to cracking around the rail or fence posts, as the metal expands as it rusts.

Now that you are ready to take care of a concrete fence, contact American Precast Concrete, Inc. to get started.