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You have decided to install a precast concrete fence at your property – congratulations! Now, you might be wondering what to do next. One of the most important things to consider is where to put the fence. You will have to know where the property lines are when figuring out where to put your new fence. The consequences of not getting the property lines right could be having to pay to move that brand-new fence, so it’s essential to get this right. Here are some ways to find property lines.

Check a plat map.

A plat map will show you all the property lines for an entire neighborhood. Each property will be marked with the property outlines and a parcel number. The parcel number is a unique identifying number for each property. You can find the parcel number in your deed or look it up through your local assessor’s office. Most have online databases now, so this should be a quick matter of looking it up online.

Take a look at your deed.

Your property lines shouldn’t have moved from when the house was built, so taking a look at your deed will often tell you where the property lines are located. You should be able to find the property lines in the legal description section of the deed. This legal description could either describe the property as is shown on the plat map, or it could have more precise measurements that you can use to mark out the property lines.

The legal description can often be challenging to understand, mostly if you have never done that before. If you are struggling, it might be worth it to get some professional help.

Get a professional survey done.

This is often the most expensive way to find the property lines but can be the easiest and most accurate. If you need to find the property lines to settle a legal matter, it might be worth hiring a professional surveyor. That way, you don’t have to do something drastic like moving your precast concrete fence, unless absolutely necessary.

When the original survey was done (back when the house was first built), the surveyor should have buried metal bars at each property corner. While you can certainly attempt to find these on your own, a surveyor should mark the metal bars with wooden stakes or flags to help you find them.

Find the metal markers on your own.

Often finding the property lines on your own will come down to finding the metal markers that were placed at the corners of your property. This can be tricky. The markers can be challenging to find – even for professionals. They could have vegetation that has grown over them. They could even be buried – in that case, you will probably need to rent or buy a metal detector to find them. Once you find all the metal markers, you can use the legal description from your deed to mark out the property lines using the metal markers.

If you have any questions on how to find the right property lines, contact American Precast Concrete Inc. today. We will give you a free custom estimate and ensure that you are within property boundaries and within your HOA guidelines.