Nosy neighbor peeping over wood fence before neighbors replace it with a tall security precast fence

Our homes should be private oases that we can use to retreat from the world. In a perfect world, we would live in neighborhoods with generous spacing in between houses. In reality, most of us have neighbors that can sometimes feel too close for comfort—interested in some easy ways to increase the privacy of your home? Read on!

Tinted Windows or Window Shades

Large windows are wonderful, but they are a portal for nosy neighbors. The trick is to allow the light through (the whole reason you installed the windows in the first place) but keep snoops out.

The easiest way to do this is either by installing window tint or shades. The best shades to look for are the ones that go from the bottom up. This way, you can allow plenty of light through the top of the window while blocking the view of people on the sidewalk. 

Security Cameras

Even just the threat of someone’s eyes on them will make neighbors and passersby behave. The latest cameras can be connected to your doorbell and include cloud storage – you can go back and look at prior footage and can access the camera with your phone.

In addition to the cameras, if you are looking for a new pet, sometimes a barking dog will discourage lingering around your property. Even if said dog is cute and fluffy, nosy people don’t like attention being drawn their way.

Gazebo or Strategic Planting

Installing a gazebo and strategic planting to block your neighbor’s view will give you privacy and a wonderful place to relax and entertain in. This has the added benefit of blocking the sun if you are hunting for some shade as well. Plus, you will have beautiful plants to look at.

Ambient noise

Nosy neighbors love to listen in conversations. Whether you are hosting a party or having a private conversation with your spouse, keep nosy next-door neighbors out of the picture by including some ambient noise. This could come in the form of a babbling brook or fountain or outdoor speakers to play your favorite music. You would be surprised by how much privacy – and peace – a little bit of ambient noise will bring you.

American Precast Concrete

Or, if you want to avoid doing all of the above, simply install a precast concrete fence. At American Precast, we can build our fences up to 14 feet tall. Even the nosiest neighbor would have a hard time casually peeping over a fence like that. Disclaimer: check with HOA and/or city officials before constructing a fence that tall. 

Because our fences are solid blocks of concrete with no gaps or cracks, this also helps block your conversations from drifting into his yard. In fact, dense precast concrete is the top way to block noise.

Bob next door can’t spy because certainly add a gazebo or water feature to your backyard if you want the greenery or calming sounds. Tinted windows would help to lower your energy bills. A dog will bring joy to your family. If your main goal is to keep nosy neighbors away, a precast concrete fence is the way to go. Give us a call today to learn more about precast concrete.