Precast concrete perimeter wall around commercial building.

You likely know that curb appeal matters when you want to attract customers in your local community. But it’s also important to realize that the way in which you create curb appeal can affect the type of consumers who visit your business as well.

In addition to using beautiful and well-maintained landscaping, you can use hardscaping to scale up your business in a few different ways.

Start with a Concrete Sound Barrier

Most businesses operate in commercial areas that tend to become congested and noisy throughout normal business hours. You can eliminate those distracting sights and sounds by installing a concrete sound barrier. Rather than buying a regular wire mesh fence, a concrete wall can serve your business and its customers more effectively.

Your customers can forget about the traffic, noise, and congestion when your wall blocks their view. This is especially helpful when you operate a restaurant or another service-oriented business. In addition to creating a less stressful atmosphere, a premade concrete wall can help you boost your business’ security.

Ditch the Boring Concrete Sidewalks

While it’s definitely easier to use the sidewalks that are already in place on your business property, consider changing things up. Installing a new walkway with a unique style can help you send a positive message to the demographic group you’re trying to reach.

For example, you can have concrete pavers installed that have interesting designs and colors. Alternatively, consider installing a brick or stone walkway.

Regardless of the type of walkway you install, inspect it periodically to identify damage or stains. Keeping your new walkway clean and in good condition will also help you appeal to your targeted clientele.

Make a Water Fountain Your Focal Point

You might have a business that involves requiring customers to wait for their appointments or for a vacancy. Create a more relaxing waiting area outdoors by installing a concrete fountain on your property. You can choose a fountain from a variety of designs, so it’s easy to pick something unique and appropriate.

Surround the fountain with wooden or concrete benches to finish the look. Your patrons can wait comfortably and socialize around the fountain. The running water will help cancel out highway noise while providing more soothing sounds. When there’s a long wait, this will help your customers feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Use Landscaping to Soften the Look

Finally, add a splash of color by installing concrete planters along the walkway and around your water fountain. This gives you an opportunity to create pleasing sights and smells with a variety of foliage. Choose flowers that will stay in bloom throughout the year or offset flowers by installing miniature trees at even intervals.

It can be fun to create a color theme by using flowers that complement one another. White lilies can help bring our flowers that bloom in darker colors for a more alluring sight. You can also choose flowers with stronger scents to help relax and entice your customers.

Explore Your Options for Concrete Walls and Fences

American Precast Concrete offers a wide range of concrete barriers that will help you create an attractive and effective barrier for your business property. Contact us today to learn more.