How Your Precast Walls Keeps the Pests Out

Squirrel eating

Pests are everywhere – in the country and in the city. Small animals like rabbits and squirrels love to chomp on the tasty things you might have in your garden – your beloved tomatoes or strawberries, for example. Large pests like deer can ruin a garden overnight and finding a bear on your doorstep will make you want to move.

If any pests get inside the house, you are in for an exhausting (possibly thrilling) game of “chase the squirrel.” Enclosing your garden or home with a precast wall will keep the pests out and your garden and home safe.

Keeping Out Deer, Bears and Other Large Pests

To keep large animals out of your property, you will need a tall fence. If you are keeping out deer, the fence should be tall enough that the deer can’t get over it – ideally at least seven and a half feet. Deer can jump on average seven feet high and can go even higher if they are being chased. Precast concrete can easily be made to stand eight feet tall or higher.

Large animals can quickly knock over a light-duty fence like a chain-link or a wood fence, especially when they are on the hunt for food. Having a heavy-duty fence, like precast concrete, that can stand up to any bear or other large animal leaning or pushing on it.

Keeping out Squirrels, Rabbits, and Other Small Pests

Animals like rabbits, squirrels, and dogs typically slip under or through fences to gain access to the yard or garden behind it. A precast concrete fence is one big mass of concrete and is usually built with no gaps under or between panels. Animals cannot slip through or under it.

Animals can also get through a fence by digging under it. Concrete fences are usually built with a concrete foundation – preventing animals from digging under them.

Other Tips for Keeping Pests Out

Using precast concrete walls is the best step you can take towards keeping pests out of your yard, but it is only one of many steps. The next best way to keep pests – large and small – out of your yard is by keeping it cleaned up. Remove the temptations as best as you can by:

  • Picking up fallen fruit.
  • Feeding your pets indoors.
  • Keeping all trash picked up and secured.
  • Using a compost bin or barrel instead of a compost pile.

Beauty and Function

Precast concrete is one of the best ways to keep out pests – large and small. It’s tall and solid. Animals will struggle to get over, through, and under a precast concrete wall.

Despite what you might think, it can also be beautiful. Pigment can be added to the concrete to make it fun and beautiful colors. Aggregate can also be added to make the wall texture more interesting. The molds can be made to include decorative shapes like flowers, birds – whatever you want. You can even make your concrete look like it’s made of bricks, wood, or stone.

When you are ready to construct your precast concrete fence, contact American Precast Concrete to get started!