Precast concrete being used for commercial properties

Construction projects are increasingly turning to precast concrete. Is precast concrete the best construction material? Yes, and here are nine reasons why:

#1. Lower Cost Than Cast-In-Place

Unlike cast-in-place concrete, we make the precast concrete in a warehouse. The parts leave the warehouse once they are ready for installation at the project site.

How does this save money? Because of the curation process of the concrete, which is a temperature and humidity- controlled environment, the concrete cures perfectly. This process creates less wasted concrete. 

Plus, with precast concrete, we can re-use the forms repeatedly. After one use with cast-in-place concrete, it usually gets thrown out.

#2. Easy to Install and Maintain

All of the dirty work is taken care of by our professionals in our workshop. Since we handle that part, the contractor doesn’t have to deal with building the forms or pouring wet concrete.

Once the completed precast concrete parts are shipped to the project location, installing them is like building blocks. Most jobs take just a day or two to complete.

This wonderful hands-off aspect doesn’t end there. Unlike metal and wood, precast concrete requires very little regular maintenance. 

#3. Strong and Durable

Concrete is strong. And, because of the curation process in the best possible environment, precast concrete is even stronger.

This process equals a structure that will stand strong against what life has to throw at it for decades.

#4. Environmentally Friendly

Because there is less wasted concrete and you can reuse it, precast concrete is more environmentally friendly than other building materials.

Because it is so long-lasting and durable, it remains more environmentally friendly than those other options for years.

#5. Weather, Fire, and Pest Resistant

The building inhabitants mean that you won’t have to worry about weather, fire, and pest damage. Concrete is not fuel for fires or food for bugs. It is watertight ], and rodents can’t chew through it.

#6. Thermally Efficient

Concrete stays cool in the summer heat and warm in the winter cold. Because of this, it will save the residents money with heating and cooling. It makes the building more environmentally friendly too.

#7. Won’t Rust or Degrade

With metal structures, you are always concerned about rust. Rust is a huge problem in construction. It isn’t just ugly – it can damage the strength of the metal. 

Precast concrete won’t rust, and it is resistant to chemical spillage. 

#8. Won’t Cause Wi-Fi Problems

Sometimes cast-in-place concrete can cause problems with Wi-Fi. It can block and weaken the Wi-Fi signal. 

The great news is radio signals and Wi-Fi can pass more easily through precast concrete walls and floors. Because of the more accessible signals, the occupants of the finished building won’t have to deal with frustrating Wi-Fi issues.

#9. Blocks Noise

The best way to block noise is with a dense wall with no cracks or gaps. Anywhere that the sound waves can get through will mean excess noise.

Precast concrete is the perfect material for blocking noise. By using precast concrete for the external and internal walls and floors, the building’s future occupants can enjoy peace and privacy.

If you would like to discuss anything else for your project, we would love to help you. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or concerns, or to get a free estimate.