Nothing says lasting sophistication like intricate brick and mortar. But brick can be costly to install, difficult to replace and, despite its durable reputation, prone to wear and tear over time. These are just three reasons why more engineers and architects than ever are choosing our Large Brick precast masonry system.

Our precast masonry system is designed specifically to provide all the benefits of large brick—and then some. With an easy-to-install modular design and no mortar required, our Large Brick series is ideal for a decorative wall, security wall, fence or even an aesthetically pleasing outdoor enclosure. With our Large Brick series, you will never have to worry about loose grout, broken bricks or cracks ever again.

Benefits of our Large Brick Precast Masonry System

Whereas brick walls succumb to the elements and age with time, our precast masonry system is built to last. The Large Brick series gives you the clean-cut presentation and privacy your project needs without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Cost-Effective Construction: Our precast masonry system is less expensive than traditional brick. In the rare case that the system needs to be replaced, our quick-install feature cuts down on labor costs and time.

Seamless Installation: Our modular interlocking system and range of panel heights (1′ to 14′) make it easy to achieve the ideal wall for your property’s needs. No bracing or shoring is required during positioning.

Security Never Looked Better: Visual appeal, unwavering durability and steel-reinforced panels make our Large Brick precast masonry system a popular choice for public works security walls.

Sound-Blocking Technology: Our precast masonry system is engineered with sound-buffering technology that reduces noise pollution.

Aesthetic Appeal: Designed to deliver an authentic brick look and feel. Choose from a variety of color options to match your aesthetic.

Engineered for Strength: Our interlocking modular design is reinforced by steel and virtually maintenance-free.

Built for Resistance to Weather: Our Large Brick precast masonry system is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Thanks to our high-quality manufacturing process, the color, look and feel of your Large Brick wall won’t diminish with time.

Key Features

  • Authentic brick look and texture on both sides of each panel
  • Easy to install, no mortar required
  • Proven manufacturing process to ensure strength and longevity
  • Variety of color options to match any aesthetic

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