How To Find the Linear Footage for Your Precast Fence

Man measuring and digging a hole in the ground with shovel

There are many reasons why you might want to calculate the linear footage of your precast concrete fence. Maybe you are preparing for the installation of the precast concrete fence, or you could be finding the linear footage of an existing fence for alterations. 

Whatever the case, in the blog post, you will learn more about the linear foot and how to measure it on your precast concrete fence

What is a Linear Foot?

The linear foot is a measurement of length. It is a fundamental measurement in construction. 

A linear foot is twelve inches of straight length, which is different than a standard foot. Both are 12 inches in length, but a standard foot doesn’t have to measure length. A standard foot can include measurements that are bent or curved. A linear foot doesn’t.

Most materials are sold by linear foot. When planning a project, you will often need to figure out how many linear feet of material you need. Boards, steel bars, and rope will all be sold by the linear foot.

How to Measure the Linear Footage of Your Precast Fence

The process of measuring the linear footage of something is pretty simple. You will only really need one tool – a measuring tape. 

Then, go along the fence and measure the lengths of each portion of the precast concrete fence. Continue along until you have finished measuring the whole precast fence. If you come to any bends or curves in the fence, it is best to measure each straight length separately. 

Add together all of the lengths you measured. The final length you calculate will be the linear footage of your precast fence

What is important to notice here is that linear footage doesn’t include the height of the fence. The linear foot is different than the square foot. The square footage of your precast concrete fence is a measurement of the area and would include the height of the fence. 

To calculate the square footage of your fence, you would need to multiply the linear feet by the height of the fence. If the fence has different heights, you will need to multiply each section individually and then add up all the square footage you calculate.

When you say that a fence is 100 meters linear, the fence’s linear footage is 100 meters. At that moment, it doesn’t matter if the fence is 40 or 2 meters tall. Linear footage doesn’t consider the height of the fence.

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