Prefab Fence Panels and Concrete Walls for Contractors

contractor-precast-fenceContractors across the country turn to American Precast Concrete for prefab concrete commercial, residential, and government projects. We provide products that are functional and durable yet maintain beautiful aesthetic elements. We also customize our products to satisfy our clients’ personal tastes.

At American Precast Concrete, we engineer, manufacture, and install every fence, screening barrier, and retaining wall from beginning to end. We help you earn more contracts by providing complete building systems at cost-effective solutions.

Why Contractors Hire American Precast Concreteprecast-concrete-fence-wall-contractors

  • We supply a wide range of design choices, including choices of color, texture, and material for any concrete fence or wall.
  • Our products and concrete alternatives can be adapted to meet all engineering specifications.
  • Our products are cost-effective due to modular construction.
  • All our products require little-to-no maintenance due to their durability.
  • Our precast walls are easy to order, plus they have a fast turnaround time.
  • We provide exceptional customer service.
  • Contractors can recommend our products as upgrades in bids.

Contractors regularly receive referrals from engineers or architects recommending American Precast Concrete products. Contact American Precast Concrete or give us a call at 626-443-0970 if you are a contractor in need of precast fencing.