Engineers – Precast Fence Customers


The relationship we hold with engineers is very important to us, and the specifications, calculations, and documentation are essential to this relationship. At American Precast Concrete, we work closely with engineers to ensure exact specifications are integrated according to construction plans, and we can even provide engineered drawings based on our client’s project plans. We custom build the perimeter you need to complement existing structures, or a decorative focal point to create a one-of-a-kind landscaping project to meet all client demands.

Moreover, all our products are fabricated and built to surpass the requirements of city and county codes and requirements. Our team collaborates with yours during every step of the process to ensure the final product meets your precise standards.


At a minimum, our construction standards include the following:

  • Concrete mixture grade in line with Standard Specifications of Public Works Construction
  • 5000 psi compression, thoroughly mixed for 28 days using pea gravel aggregate and a corrosive inhibitor
  • Grade 60 rebar reinforcement which complies with ASTM A615
  • Galvanized steel mesh
  • Fibrillated fiber reinforcement
  • Iron-oxide Concrete Color Infusion for permanent coloring

Why Engineers Select American Precast Concrete Products


  • Each product we create is specially customized to your specific requirements.
  • All our building specifications are accurate and complete.
  • We deliver innovative resolutions to all types of building sites, no matter how challenging.
  • Every product is created in a quality-controlled factory setting to ensure top quality.
  • Modular construction allows us to offer cost-effective products.
  • Precast concrete walls and fences can be installed anywhere, no matter the surface.
  • Every product we manufacture is formed to meet the requirements of local building ordinances.
  • Every concrete wall and fence we manufacture is resistant to infestation and extreme weather conditions. They are also specially designed to withstand California’s seismic.
  • Our concrete walls and fences are impermeable to infestation.
  • Our precast concrete walls withstand extreme temperatures and wind.
  • Our precast walls are designed to absorb California’s seismic ground movement.

For engineers in need of sturdy and long-lasting, precast walls, contact American Precast Concrete or call us at (626) 443-0970.