Precast Concrete as Residential Highway Noise Barriers

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Living near a highway might be convenient and affordable, but noise pollution can be too much for many people to handle. Highway noise can make getting some peace and quiet in your home almost impossible and can hinder your ability to get a good night’s sleep. What’s worse is that there are few ways to mitigate the noise that actually works. 

You can try to plant some trees and shrubs in your yard, install expensive soundproof windows, and add unsightly sound dampening panels to the walls of your home and still have issues with the constant noise. So, other than selling your home and moving far away, or just dealing with it, what are you supposed to do?  

Well, if you live near a noisy highway and you’re looking for a solution to your noise pollution problem, a precast concrete fence may be the answer you’re looking for.

Precast Concrete Walls Can Help Reduce Noise

In order for sound to travel, it needs a medium. That medium is usually the air, but sound waves can travel through many different materials, such as glass, metal, wood, or water. The key to reducing noise pollution is to create a barrier made of a material that sound has a difficult time traveling through.  

If your current fencing is thin, flimsy, or full of open spaces, it’s doing very little to reduce the transmission of sound waves. In order to mitigate traffic noise, you’re going to have to install something that the sound can’t penetrate so easily. Precast concrete deflects sound waves while also absorbing some of their energy, making it an ideal material for highway noise barriers.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Noise Reduction Solution

Lining the walls of your house with sound-dampening foam may help to reduce traffic noise, but it’s not an attractive solution. Foam padding all over your home can look ugly and awkward and limit your ability to decorate. Precast concrete walls are not only more effective at reducing traffic noise on your entire property; they come in a number of colors, sizes, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

With precast concrete, your highway noise barrier doesn’t have to be strictly functional, and it can be aesthetically pleasing, too.

Effective Highway Noise Barriers at a Price You Can Afford

Installing soundproof windows throughout your house might help reduce traffic noise within the home, but once you step out your door, they do nothing to stop the unpleasant sounds of the nearby highway. Not only that, but soundproof windows can wind up being prohibitively expensive depending on how many you plan on installing.

Our precast concrete walls can help to reduce highway noise throughout the entire property and are far more affordable than traditional concrete walls. They also bring a level of protection and privacy to your property that soundproof windows cannot offer.

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