Why Precast Concrete Fencing Is the Best Choice for Fire Protection in Commercial Properties

A fire distinguisher isolated on a concrete wall.

When you consider installing or replacing a fence around your commercial property, there are many reasons why choosing a precast concrete fence is a solid choice. In addition to its aesthetics and enhanced stability, a precast concrete fence also offers your business increased protection against fires.

Greater Heat Resistance for More Efficient Fire Protection

Installing a fence that will protect your commercial property against the spread of fires means choosing a material with high heat resistance. Even a material that is deemed non-flammable will crumble or melt under extreme heat if it doesn’t have any natural heat resistance built into it. Precast concrete, in comparison, is much more tolerant to heat, which means it will stand up longer against the extreme temperatures of a fire.

Redirects Hazardous Fumes and Smoke

A precast concrete fence consists of solid panels, thereby providing fire protection by way of a barrier that’s impossible to breach. Therefore, any fumes and smoke that are pushed toward the fence will be forced up, rising over the top before people in the area are exposed to them.

Provides a Barrier Against Neighboring Fires

Developing fire protection measures involves more than just your own establishment’s efforts. A neighboring business or home may catch fire, or a sweeping wildfire could affect the entire area without much notice. In these situations, the threat of fire could come from outside your business.

Not only will your business be protected against those threats by installing precast concrete fencing, but the fence will serve as a barrier that keeps fires from spreading to other properties.

That can provide enough time for firefighters to put the fire out before it spreads and poses a greater threat.

Precast Concrete Won’t Burn

Fires will easily pass through an iron or chain link fence and burn through wood, vinyl, and other similar materials. A precast concrete fence, however, is non-flammable and has heat-resistant qualities. Therefore, whether the danger comes from your own business or spreads from an off-site location, fire won’t penetrate your precast concrete fence, and it will never burn even as a fire is burning against it.

Avoid Costly Post-Fire Repairs

Most types of fencing will require extensive repairs after a fire, increasing the total recovery cost for your business. When you install a precast concrete fence to surround your commercial property, your business will suffer less severe damage, and your fence will also remain standing. It might need a wash or a fresh coat of paint, of course, but it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace it altogether.

Protect Your Business with a Precast Concrete Fence

The enhanced fire protection that precast concrete can provide for your commercial property makes a fence made of the material a worthwhile investment for your business. American Precast Concrete offers precast concrete products that you can customize for your business. Contact us today to learn more about using our precast concrete to build a fence for your commercial property.