Precast Concrete Is the Best Solution for Homeowners

When you think of precast concrete, you might think of industrial buildings, prisons, and parking garages. After all, aren’t those the only places where a grey, drab concrete look would be fitting? If this is how you feel about precast concrete, it might be time to take a closer look. Here’s why you should consider using precast concrete in your home.

Precast Concrete is Aesthetically Pleasing

While you will quickly see that this isn’t the only benefit to precast concrete, it should be mentioned first. Precast concrete can be built with pigments and aggregates added to the wet concrete, making for a lasting colorful and exciting wall. The molds can even be built with fun designs and motifs – from a simple brick wall design to intricate scenery. Because concrete is long-lasting, your precast concrete elements will look as good as the day they were installed for 30+ years.

It’s Quicker and Easier to Construct

All of the work for building precast concrete parts won’t even happen at your house, except for the installation. Precast concrete is poured and cured in a temperature-controlled warehouse by skilled workers. Once the precast elements are complete, they are shipped to your house and set into place. A cast-in-place concrete job would require workers to be on-site while building the forms, pouring the concrete, and removing the forms.

Precast Concrete Is Sustainable 

Because precast concrete is made in a warehouse, the forms used to shape it can be used again and again – often 40 to 50 times. With cast-in-place concrete, those forms are often thrown away after just one single use.

Sometimes, pouring concrete out in the elements can cause the concrete to be weak or have faults. In this case, there aren’t many options other than tearing out the concrete and starting again. Every bit of precast concrete is inspected before it leaves the facility, so if the concrete has a flaw, just that one piece needs to be replaced.

Concrete acts as a thermal mass, meaning it absorbs the heat during the day and radiates it at night. Not only will this make your house a more comfortable place, but it also helps reduce heating and cooling energy needs.

Precast Concrete is Soundproof

Sound waves are just vibrations, and if they can continue through a thin wall, the noise won’t be blocked. Absorptive materials, like vegetation, can only do so much and are typically best at reducing the sound in a space. That’s why sound-absorbing materials are used in recording studios. To keep sound out of a space – like your house – you will need to block it. Walls that are solid, dense, and rigid, like precast concrete, will deflect sound waves the best.

It’s Long-Lasting and Durable

Concrete is exceptionally long-lasting. It doesn’t rust or experience water damage. Pests, like termites, don’t have much of an appetite for concrete. It lasts much longer than other building materials like wood, which means you won’t have to deal with repairs or replacements. Maintenance is usually just an inspection and a quick wash.

If precast concrete sounds like something you need in your home, give American Precast Concrete Inc. a call today to set up your free consultation! We look forward to working with you!

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