Why Precast Concrete Sound Barriers Are Superior to Vinyl Coated Fencing for Soundproofing

Precast concrete fencing around a property serving as a sound barrier wall.

Once you start shopping around for fences, you’ll notice there’s no shortage of materials you can use. Each material has a unique aesthetic, durability, and expense that you’ll want to consider before making any decisions. But if you’re interested in soundproofing your property, you have two main choices: precast concrete or vinyl coated fencing.

So which one is better for soundproofing? This article will detail why precast concrete is much better than most fencing options for reducing and absorbing sound. It will also give a realistic idea of vinyl coated fencing’s disadvantages.

Precast Concrete Reduces Noise Pollution

Busy roads, railways, or other industrial sounds can be disruptive and frustrating, so many people turn to soundproofing their properties. Precast concrete and masonry blocks unequivocally make the best noise barriers. They’re so popular that around 75% of all dedicated noise barriers have precast concrete as one of the materials.

The mass of these larger fences forces soundwaves to go in a different direction, pushing them away from the property and keeping the area inside peaceful and quiet.

Sounds can penetrate other materials — like vinyl coated fencing — more easily, making it harder for the fence to mitigate noises. These materials are much flimsier, too, so sounds have more opportunity to come through than they would with a precast concrete wall.

Precast Concrete Is Sturdy

Concrete is one of the densest materials on the market, making it incredibly efficient at absorbing excess noise and standing stronger for longer. While other fences can still reduce noise effectively, regardless of what material you use, vinyl fences aren’t nearly as durable as concrete.

Vinyl is another word for plastic, which can quickly deteriorate or warp. Vinyl also has a lower impact resistance, so it doesn’t stand a chance against high winds or flying debris during storms. Precast concrete is not only better for soundproofing but also likely to last longer, so there’s often less need for maintenance and repairs.

Precast Concrete Is an Attractive Option

You can soundproof or reduce noise around your property in many ways, but not all of them will look great as well as work effectively. A good example is vinyl coated fencing. Even if it looks nice initially, the sun’s harsh rays can damage it over time and cause it to fade. And since it’s more likely to incur damage, it won’t keep its good looks as long as other materials.

Precast concrete walls, however, are more effective at keeping out sound and come in many aesthetically pleasing designs. While the main point of these walls is their sought-after soundproofing function, that doesn’t mean you can’t also make them look attractive with your own unique twist.

Finally, Some Peace and Quiet with American Precast Concrete

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