Why Business Centers Should Use Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete fence surrounding a commercial property.

Every business needs to create some type of barrier to outline their property and ensure the safety of their customers. When it comes to using concrete walls, you can either have a concrete wall constructed on-site or order precast construction walls.

Before you decide which type of concrete walls is best for your business, consider these benefits of using precast walls for your property.

Consider the Environmental Factors

When pouring fresh concrete, you’ll need time for the concrete to cure to ensure it creates a cohesive barrier that will last. If the weather is humid or moist, the concrete will take longer to cure. There may also be issues with proper curing if it rains soon after pouring the concrete.

You’ll avoid these issues when using precast concrete. Commercial property owners can rest assured that these concrete wall panels get poured in a facility where the temperature and environment are more precisely controlled.

This shortens the curing time and enables the manufacturer to pour concrete in ideal conditions. The result is a sturdier barrier wall that will last longer.

Avoid Issues with Work Site Space

When you hire a contractor to build a concrete wall on-site, they will need the space to pour and cure the concrete. Once the concrete cures, the wall can be immediately erected. If your business isn’t located on a large lot, the issue of workspace may be a problem.

Alternatively, you can eliminate the need for a larger work area by installing precast concrete. Commercial property owners can enjoy the convenience of an installer not needing to use their commercial property to construct the walls, since the walls get poured and cured elsewhere.

They can simply erect the wall with those premade panels.

Eliminate Design Change Issues

When there’s a design change to your walls, engineers, designers, and drafters will all have to get involved. If the wall is being built on-site, communication issues can delay the project. The contractor will have to wait to receive those design changes and reorganize the project to address the changes.

When you install precast concrete, commercial property owners have the benefit of knowing the builders and design team can work together more closely. They will implement changes more efficiently when the walls are being constructed within the manufacturer’s facility.

By the time your walls arrive, they’re ready for the installation process.

Expand Your Project

When you have concrete poured on site, steel is often used to support the concrete. Adding additional features, such as an extending wall or roof, will require the use of more steel and concrete. This can lengthen the construction time and increase how much you’ll spend on the project.

You’ll save both time and money with precast concrete since you can order precast columns, roofing, and flooring. If you want to build onto your barrier walls, you can easily match the texture and appearance with other precast components. A project of any size is also easier to complete when you focus on using precast concrete.

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