Why You Should Use Precast Concrete for a Privacy Wall for Your Business

Privacy precast concrete wall for a business in the shopping center

As a business owner, you often don’t have room for mistakes. You need to make the right decision the first time. When it comes to designing a privacy wall for your business, you should pick precast concrete. Here’s why.

1. Safe and Secure

Unlike homes, your business needs a privacy fence that also serves as a security wall. Many of us have expensive resources in our business – vehicles, machines, and computers. The cost to your business when a theft happens can sometimes be too much to handle. 

Our businesses are typically empty and vulnerable at the time of the day that thieves are most active – the nighttime. Precast concrete is solid and strong. Unlike metal or wood fences, there are no gaps for climbing over or through. 

Metal chain-link and wood fences can easily be cut. It’s nearly impossible to get through precast concrete.

2. Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Precast concrete is one of the most eco-friendly building materials we have. Unlike cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete is made in a climate-controlled warehouse. This allows our technicians to be more precise and create a better product. Plus, the climate control means the concrete cures perfectly. 

By creating a perfect product the first time, we cut down on the amount of waste coming out of our warehouse. Any concrete that does fail our careful inspection can be ground up and recycled as aggregate.

The forms used for cast-in-place concrete are only used once – after the concrete has cured, they are typically thrown away. Precast concrete is able to reuse those forms many times – again, cutting down on the waste.

Not only is running your business in a sustainable way the reasonable thing to do, but it also gives you something to mention to your potential clients or customers. Everyone is looking to support businesses that want to be as sustainable as possible.

All of these things also mean precast concrete is cheaper than another fencing. We are able to pass the savings we get on to you, our customer.

3. Long-Lasting and Maintenance Free

You want the investments in your business to make your life better. What you don’t want is a fence that turns into a big headache for you. Other fencing materials need constant repairs and replacements. Think about wood. You will deal with fading wood, broken panels, and uneven posts on a regular basis. Quicker than you would like, you will find yourself replacing a wood fence.

That is not the case with precast concrete. Most years, all your fence will need is a quick wash and an inspection. If there is a broken section, it is a quick process to replace that panel. 

4. Attractive

The aesthetics of your business matter. Your workers will feel better about their work if they are working in a nice, clean place. 

Also, your privacy fence is the first thing a customer sees when they go to your office. What message are you sending? Are they first seeing a cheap and broken wood or metal fence? Or are they seeing a put-together and clean precast concrete fence?

American Precast Concrete Inc.

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