Project Highlight: Residential Wall in Sebastopol, California

Residential precast wall recently installed by American Precast Concrete Inc.

Many of our clients are homeowners who want a beautiful, secure enclosure for their home that will last. Our latest project for a Resident from Sebastopol, California, used our CHISELSTONE™ fencing to create a residential wall

Why Precast Concrete?

This homeowner wanted a secure fencing around their home. They were looking for security and privacy that would last their lifetime. They also wanted something that was reasonably soundproof. The noise of their surroundings was getting in the way of the peace of their home.

Since learning about the many benefits of precast concrete fencing, they approached us with their project. We were happy to get a design set up and get to work.

For the resident, they were between the WOODCRETE™ and CHISELSTONE™, our two most popular products. Eventually, the client chose CHISELSTONE™ and picked a custom color to match her home and aesthetic. 

CHISELSTONETM mimics the look of chiseled slate masonry. This option is great for a project where a natural stone look that mimics the beauty of natural surroundings.

Chiseled slate masonry is usually a very time and money-intensive method of building a wall. They can lean or buckle, and old mortar can crack or disintegrate. Repair work can be hard to blend with the older, more weathered rock.

Precast concrete has all the benefits and none of the drawbacks. It’s durable and low-maintenance. Since American Precast uses the latest precast concrete manufacturing technology, it will stand firm against pests, weather, and anything else life throws at it. 

By choosing precast concrete, the client got the look and color to match their home – without the high cost and effort. 

Project Details 

Luckily, the wall was only 6 feet high, so there were no permits required by the city of Sebastopol for the residential job. This cut out a lot of time and effort. 

While we are always happy to help guide clients through the permit approval stage, not needing permits cut out some headaches.

Once the product and color were chosen, our El Monte factory began manufacturing. The manufacturing took about 3 weeks. After all the parts were manufactured, they were shipped to the project location.

It took 5 trucks to deliver the materials down the private roads using a forklift. Before long, we were knocking at her front door!

This project needed 3 men from our crew to install the CHISELSTONE™ fence, and it took about 23 days to install correctly. 

What Made This Project Special?

This project required us to pivot and adjust during installation.

About halfway through the installation, she decided to go all the way around her property. We were able to make the adjustments to the contract and design to get her what she wanted – without much delay.

Now, she gets to enjoy our soundproof CHISELSTONE™ and its beauty every day. 

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