Our WOODCRETE Rails System is engineered to withstand weather damage, making it a virtually maintenance-free alternative to traditional wood.

Woodcrete precast concrete split rail fence
Woodcrete precast concrete fences
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Ranch rail fences deliver an undeniably iconic look. But unfortunately, weather and other conditions can quickly cause A wood split rail fence to lose its strength and beauty. Our WOODCRETE Rail fences bridge this gap by delivering the aesthetic appeal of yard or ranch rail fences and the durability of precast concrete. Our customers tell us again and again that our WOODCRETE rail fences system is just like wood — that is, until Mother Nature strikes. Then, they tell us it’s even better. Over time, wood ranch rail fences can fall victim to splintering, rotting, termite damage, burning, cracking and other degradation. We use only high-density concrete reinforced with steel and fiber mesh, saving our customers the costs and hassle with replacing wooden ranch rails.

Over time, traditional wood ranch rail fences fall victim to splintering, rotting, termite damage, burning and cracking other degradation. Our WOODCRETE fence rails system is engineered to withstand weather damage, making it virtually a maintenance-free alternative to traditional wood. We use only high-density concrete reinforced with steel and fiber mesh, which saves our customers the costs and hassle that come with replacing wooden ranch rails.

Benefits of WOODCRETE Precast Concrete Ranch Rail Fence

Our WOODCRETE ranch rails system combines the best of wood fencing with the benefits of precast concrete. The result? Split rail fences you can count on, no matter what life throws its way.

  • Cost-Effective Construction: Our WOODCRETE rail fence system is less expensive than traditional wood split-rail fencing. In the rare case that it needs to be replaced, our quick-install fencing system cost down on labor costs and time. Plus, there is little to no maintenance involved with WOODCRETE rail fence so you don’t have to waste time and money on upkeep.
  • Seamless Installation: Our system is available in 2 rail, 3 rail wood privacy fence, and 4 rail configurations that make for easy install — no mortar required. The WOODCRETE rail fence system is created off-site and then installed seamlessly on-site with no hassle or construction to worry about.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our concrete yard and ranch rail fence system is designed to deliver the authentic look and feel of a traditional split rail fence. Choose from a variety of ranch rail fencing styles and color options to match your aesthetic. You’ll have the look of conventional split rails, without all the fencing maintenance.
  • Engineered for Strength: Our WOODCRETE RAILS system has a maximum strength of 4500 psi. Our fence posts are reinforced with two #3 rebar ties. Our wood split rail fences are reinforced with two #3 rebar ties, plus fiber mesh. This makes our split rail fencing system tough enough to withstand force, including earthquakes. This is so important if you live in a place like California.
  • Built for Resistance to Weather: Our precast concrete ranch rails fence is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Thanks to our manufacturing process, the color, look and feel of your WOODCRETE RAILS won’t fade with time. This means they can withstand wind, water, and fire.

Precast Split Rail Fence & Posts Features:

There are many benefits to installing a WOODCRETE RAILS fence system. They give your property an amazingly iconic aesthetic look, and they are built to last for decades down the road.

Split Rail Fences Made with Precast Concrete

Because our split rail fences are made with solid precast concrete, they are not vulnerable to the same wear and tear of traditional wood split rail fences. This means that they will hold up against wind, water, fire, earthquakes, and anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

  • Authentic wood look and texture on both sides of each line post and rail
  • 2, 3 wood rail fence, and 4 rail configurations
  • Easy to install fence, no mortar required
  • Proven manufacturing process to ensure strength and longevity
  • Variety of color options and fence style to match any aesthetic

Ready to explore what types of WOODCRETE split rail fences are available? Let’s discuss the needs of your rail fence project.

With our easy turnkey installation process, your precast concrete rail fence will be finished and ready to place on-site.

We handle everything, from split rail fences design to creation, to final rail fence placement. Contact us to receive your free split rail fence estimate!

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Traditional walls and ranch rail fencing systems’ materials are prone to deterioration and damage.

While there are other materials available for your fencing needs, precast concrete products are your best bet in terms of resilience, longevity and appearance. Wood, vinyl and fiberglass are subject to damage and disintegration resultant of the sun or bad weather, but precast concrete materials are nearly impossible to ruin. Using precast concrete for split rail fences is a wise investment because you are guaranteed a product that not only lasts, but also looks amazing.


We understand the importance of visual appeal to your split rail fence design.

Our one-step coloration system infuses concrete with the precise color specified. By utilizing a custom blending technique, we can achieve a variety of warm, rich tones that replicate the look, texture, and complexity of natural wood, brick, or organic stone for your split rail fence.

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