Why Installing a Ranch Rail System Is Beneficial for Properties Near the Coast

Woodcrete precast concrete fence

Living on the coast can feel like a dream. But that dream can quickly switch to a nightmare when severe weather arrives. Coastal properties need extra protection from the extra wave action and dangerous storms. One of the ways to get the safety you need is by using precast concrete to create a barrier.

About Precast Concrete Ranch Rail Systems

The ranch rail is a standard fence style that usually looks like a traditional wooden fence. Coastal property owners love them since they ensure unobscured views of the coast or water. Even though they don’t offer much security, they’re usually employed in spaces with natural barriers already in place.

But even though this style is popular for coastal and inland properties, fences made strictly from wood don’t hold up well when the elements are against them. Precast concrete ranch rail systems, however, have the same look with the added benefits of concrete.

They can withstand storms and high winds, they don’t require nearly as much maintenance, and installing them is a snap. These fences provide all the beautiful ambiance of wood ranch rails without the drawbacks.

A Sturdier Solution

The ranch rail style is undeniably attractive, but the effects of weather and time on your wooden ranch rail fence are anything but.

Wooden fences look fantastic and often match the aesthetics of coastal properties. That’s why many homeowners still gamble with installing them — and they often regret it when they realize they’re dealing with insect infestations, rot from exposure to a lot of water, peeling paint, and so much more.

The water and insects that are so prevalent in coastal communities won’t penetrate precast concrete. These fences can hold their own in the face of much adversity, whether long-term, like rot, or acute, like a crashing wave.

A Smarter Investment

Lumber is becoming more expensive. When you combine that with how much maintenance it needs throughout its life, you’re looking at a costly fence. Wood fixtures by coastal properties will probably need more attention, including repairs and potentially quicker replacements.

You can bypass these expenses by installing a precast concrete ranch rail fence. It’s an economical choice that continues to pay for itself with how little you’ll have to worry about it in the future.

Making a Better Choice for the Environment

Hurricanes or erosion can wreak havoc on coastal properties. This deterioration can send materials hurling into the nearby water, harming the local wildlife. Sturdier materials like precast ranch rails won’t have this problem.

Not only that, but precast concrete is more environmentally friendly to manufacture. It doesn’t contain any toxic materials either, so it’s much more friendly to the surrounding ecosystem no matter where you install it.

A Cozier California Coastal Space with Precast Concrete

Get all the benefits of a ranch rail system with the bonus benefits of precast concrete’s strength and versatility. Contact American Precast Concrete today to learn more about our fencing systems.