4 Reasons to Choose Precast Security Walls

No matter who you are, break-ins or intrusions in your home or business can be one of the worst things to happen. It can take months for homeowners to be rid of the discomfort and fear after a break-in. Businesses can suffer significant financial losses from stolen property. One common reaction after a break-in is to tighten up security and prevent it from ever happening again. 

Whether you own a home, manage a plant, or run a business, adding precast concrete walls or fences to your property will undoubtedly make it more secure. Here’s why…

1. Built Impenetrable

One of the most critical factors when selecting a security fence is how easily an intruder can get through it. Is it an easy material to cut or break like chain link or a wood? Can they quickly crawl over or under the fence?

Precast concrete security walls are made with high-density concrete – making it extremely difficult to get through. Precast concrete walls can also be embedded with steel reinforcing bars or wire mesh to increase the strength and durability even more. 

Precast concrete can also be built any height between one to 14 feet, and are attached to a solid foundation with zero gaps below for someone to wiggle underneath. That solid foundation makes it hard to dig under the wall too. 

2. Hide the Goods

A wall does more than just keep intruders out. Studies show that removing tempting objects from sight makes people less likely to commit a crime. Think about keeping chocolate in the cabinet to stop eating it or placing your phone away to focus. Out of sight, out of mind does work to a certain extent. 

Because precast concrete walls can be built so high – up to 14 feet – and because they are made with no gaps to peek through, your “goods” won’t be visible. Outsiders won’t see the valuable materials just delivered to your warehouse. Someone walking by won’t get a good look at your new TV or antique wall art through your window. Sometimes, that privacy makes all the difference.

3. Durable and Long-Lasting

We have all seen fences that served a purpose at one point but are now sagging or broken. Perhaps it’s a chain-link fence starting to rust, a wood fence with a hole, or a fence that fell down due to rotting wood posts. Whatever the case, they no longer serve their purpose of privacy and security.

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available. A precast concrete wall will outlast most of the fencing options, with a lot less maintenance, making it an ideal material for commercial and business properties. Precast concrete will stand tall and protect your property for years to come.

4. Add Extra Features

Any of American Precast’s security fences and walls can be embedded with anchors into the posts. Coiled or straight security wires can also be attached to these anchors to increase the security measures around the building. 

Finally, the customizable nature of precast concrete allows your security fencing to look attractive and match the exterior of your property and surroundings to align with commercial and city building codes.

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If you need additional privacy or security on your property, precast fencing is the ultimate solution. Contact us to discuss the scope of your project, including cost estimates, size and security needs. 

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