RusticBrick Precast Concrete vs Traditional Brick Concrete

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Are you planning some construction and considering using brick as your material of choice?

We can’t blame you; brick construction can be absolutely beautiful. The only thing is, it can also be expensive and difficult to maintain. Over time, temperature changes can slowly break brick down, leaving you the job of either fixing it yourself or paying somebody else to. That can wind up being a nightmare.

Our RusticBrick precast concrete is designed to bring you the wonderful aesthetic of brick without all of the issues that come with it, all at a price you can afford.

Before you decide to use traditional brick in your next construction project, take a look at this comparison that will show you the advantages of choosing RusticBrick precast concrete.

Traditional Brick Concrete

Traditional brick walls have long been a staple in construction because of their ability to trap heat, absorb humidity, and dampen sound.  Bricks can also bring a warm and nostalgic element to a building, giving them a pleasing aesthetic to go with their more practical features.

Because of their ability to trap heat, bricks can be highly energy-efficient; they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This can wind up being cost-effective, reducing heating and cooling costs.

So, What’s the Problem?

Bricklaying is a tedious process. Each individual brick is laid by hand one at a time. It requires multiple men over the course of several days to complete a job. This not only means that your construction project will take extra time; it also means it’s going to cost you extra money. In general, brick construction can be costly.

Bricks are also less durable than concrete, particularly in areas with a moist climate. A structure made of brick can be vulnerable to moisture, causing it to break apart over time.

RusticBrick Precast Concrete

Precast concrete essentially solves all of the issues that arise when using brick for your construction project while retaining all of the advantages that brick has to offer.

Instead of taking several days or even a few weeks to complete, a precast concrete job generally takes just a few days.

Precast concrete is also significantly cheaper, so not only will you be saving money by reducing the number of human resources and hours required to complete the project, but you’ll also be saving money on materials. In the end, the costs will be significantly lower.

Moisture isn’t a problem with precast concrete, either. Precast walls are waterproofed and require minimal maintenance.

So, What’s the Problem? 

Concrete just doesn’t have the warm, nostalgic feel that brick offers, right?

Well, that’s where RusticBrick comes in. It’s designed to bring that same warm, nostalgic look and feel of brick at a fraction of the cost and with all the practical benefits.

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Before you spend all that money on a brick construction job, contact us, and we’ll answer all your questions about our RusticBrick precast concrete walls. American Precast also has many other beautiful custom precast products for you to choose from. We will go over all your options with you before you settle on one product. 

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