American Precast Concrete Blockcrete Fencing Around the exterior of a home

Saving money on our home and commercial projects is a top priority for the vast majority of us. While precast concrete fencing has many benefits, it’s lower cost is at the top of the list. Here are 4 ways precast concrete fencing saves you money.

1 – Using Precast Concrete Cuts Transportation Costs

Precast concrete is a construction material that can be molded in factories, creating huge savings for the transportation of materials.

Traditional cast in place concrete requires the wet concrete is transported to the project site to be poured into molds. As you can imagine, this can get difficult and costly. If there is any delay, you could end up with a whole line of concrete trucks waiting with wet concrete.

Wet concrete doesn’t last forever. If the delay is long enough, you could find yourself paying for a lot of wasted concrete.

With precast concrete, the completed fence panels do have to be transported to the project site once they are completed, but this is much simpler and cheaper than wet concrete. You just need a truck. If there are delays, the completed precast concrete can sit until you are ready to use it.

2 – Using Precast Concrete Cuts Delays

Using precast concrete means you can reduce construction delays by up to 50%. In the construction world, delays mean extra money.

Precast concrete is cast and cured in a climate-controlled environment, which means the weather does not affect it. This can be an advantage as you don’t need to schedule your production around it as you would on site.

Additionally, since precast concrete is made offsite, you can work on something else while the precast fence panels are being made. Once they are finished and transported to the project site, assembly is quick and easy.

3 – Using Precast Concrete Makes for a Longer Lasting Fences

Precast concrete is one of the most durable building materials available. Properly cared for precast concrete can last 50 or more years!

What do we mean by properly cared for concrete? Well, the first step is that it was made by a great company who works hard to produce a quality product. Then, precast concrete needs regular inspections and a wash once a year.

Having your fence last longer saves money by reducing the materials and time needed to replace and repair the fence.

4 – Using Precast Concrete Equals Fewer Injuries

If an accident occurs during a construction project, the injury will not only cost the individual their health and wellbeing, but it can also be on the construction company or project owner to pay for the injury.

In the construction industry, accidents and injuries are a reality. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were an estimated 738,000 non-fatal workplace injuries or illnesses in 2017. Furthermore, researchers from Northeastern University found that 1 in 4 construction workers will experience a disabling injury or illness by the time they retire.

Precast concrete production produces fewer accidents than cast-in-place concrete. The production of precast concrete requires less labor (since it can be cast in a controlled environment) and it is generally cleaner than an outdoor work space. This mean fewer workers are exposed to hazards such as slipping, sharp tools, or toxic chemicals.

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