Precast Concrete vs. Steel or Chain Link Security Fencing: Which is Best for a Government or Military Building?

precast concrete wall for a government building

In creating a secure infrastructure for a government or military building, fencing becomes a significant concern, as the right barrier will keep unauthorized personnel out, giving you better control over who has access to the facility.

In choosing a fence, consider the following advantages that concrete offers over steel or chain link fences:

A Concrete Security Fence Eliminates Gaps

Installing a chain link fence opens up the possibility that an agile trespasser can use the spaces in the fence to help them climb over it. Even a steel fence might have gaps or ridges that can assist someone in climbing up it.

A precast concrete fence won’t have these gaps, as it is one smooth surface that is clear of any spaces or gaps.

Anyone seeking to illegally enter your property would have to find some other means of access.

A Chain Link or Steel Fence Requires Bottom Rails

When you install a chain link or steel security fence, you’ll have to add more features to enhance its security. For instance, consider the bottom rail that runs parallel to the ground. It keeps people from slipping under the fence by adding an extra barrier that stretches down.

A precast concrete fence won’t need that extra feature, as each concrete panel will sit flush against the earth. There won’t be a gap for trespassers to use to get past the barrier, meaning your facility will stay more secure without having to add any extra features to your security measures.

A Concrete Fence Offers More Privacy

The security of a government or military facility might depend on keeping its staff’s activities private. You may need to protect national security at facilities that deal with sensitive issues, and enhanced privacy will help prevent outsiders from observing additional security measures.

In these situations, a solid concrete fence is the best alternative. Outsiders won’t be able to see beyond the security fence, given that it is a solid wall that surrounds the entire property, but for even more extra privacy, consider adding solid gates that further block the public’s view of the premises.

Steel and Chain Link Fence Have Limitations

Keeping your security fence strong and durable is an issue regarding steel or chain links. The taller you build your fence, the weaker it will become, and a persistent intruder can easily topple a weaker fence if they’re determined to gain access to your facility.

A precast concrete fence doesn’t have such a limitation. You can construct a tall concrete barrier wall that will stand secure for decades, and materials like rebar and other strengthening components can further enhance the wall’s strength, making the structure nearly impossible to penetrate.

Secure Your Property with Precast Concrete

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