Traditional stacked stone walls capture the essence of diligence and resourcefulness–and high labor costs. Our precast Stone Fence series merges ingenuity and aesthetics by replacing costly handicraft with preformed concrete panels that have the look and feel of real stone masonry. For value, durability and a beautiful, maintenance-free wall design, our Stack Stone precast masonry system is your solution.

Over time, conventional stacked stone walls can shift and old mortar can crack or disintegrate. Finding replacement or reinforcement materials that match weathered pieces can be a challenge. American Precast’s Stack Stone precast masonry system is engineered using the latest manufacturing technology to withstand weather damage, making it a virtually maintenance-free alternative. We use high-density concrete reinforced with steel and fiber mesh to eliminate hefty repair and replacement costs.

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Benefits of Stack Stone Precast Masonry Fence and Wall Systems

Our Stack Stone precast masonry system combines the best of stone fencing with the benefits of precast concrete. The result? Beautifully striking masonry walls built to surround you with lasting protection.

Cost-Effective Construction: Our Stack Stone precast masonry system is less expensive than traditional masonry. Our quick-install system cuts down on labor costs and time.

Seamless Installation: Our system can be installed in heights up to 14′ and is set 5 feet on-center from post to post, making it ideal for any type of fence or screening wall project.

Security Never Looked Better: Premium design, unwavering durability and steel-reinforced panels make Stack Stone a popular choice for public works security walls.

Sound-Blocking Technology: Our Stone Stack is engineered with sound-buffering technology , reducing noise pollution.

Aesthetic Appeal: Our precast masonry system delivers the authentic look and feel of traditional stacked stone. Choose from a variety of color options to match your aesthetic.

Engineered for Strength: Our Stack Stone has realistic stone texture on both sides of each panel, ensuring your fence or wall is beautiful from all angles. Our posts are reinforced with two #3 rebar ties, plus fiber mesh.

Built for Resistance to Weather: Our precast masonry system is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Thanks to our manufacturing process, the color, look and feel of your Stack Stone fencing won’t fade with time.

Key Features

  • Authentic stone look and texture on both sides of each stone panel
  • Easy to install, no mortar required
  • Proven manufacturing process ensures strength and longevity
  • Variety of color options to match any aesthetic

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