precast concrete

One look at chiseled slate masonry can conjure an old-world grandeur unmatched by most other masonry. It’s also expensive and time-consuming to install and maintain. When you want the look of chiseled slate masonry, but can’t afford the price or hassle, American Precast Fences has you covered.

Our precast concrete CHISELSTONE™ walls replicate the look and feel of chiseled slate masonry. With our quick-install systems, they are a fraction of the cost and effort to install – zero mortar is required. They are a perfect marriage of the appeal and beauty of natural slate and the ease and convenience of concrete.


Our CHISELSTONE™ walls are not only beautiful but also imposing. They can be built up to 14 feet tall! That alone will deter potential intruders. Combined with the incredible durability, flawless design, and panels that are steel-reinforced found in all of our precast concrete walls, you can feel safe inside our CHISELSTONE™ walls. If needed, our walls can even be cast with embedded inserts to attach safety razor wire to the top – increasing the security even more.

Precast concrete walls are ideal for privacy. Our CHISELSTONE™ walls come as prefab fence panels that are solid pieces of concrete. As we said before, they can be as high as 14 feet tall and extend all the way to the ground – nowhere for people to peek through the cracks.

Noise Reduction

It’s not only people who can’t get through the cracks – it’s noises too. One of the best things to block noises is a solid wall, like a concrete wall. There are no gaps in a concrete wall, and the wall extends all the way to the ground – this will block the most noise. If you live near a busy road or have noisy neighbors, our CHISELSTONE™ walls will help make your property a quiet, peaceful place.


Over time, walls like masonry can lean and buckle. Old mortar can tend to crack or even disintegrate. When it comes time to repair these issues, it can be challenging to match the perfectly weathered old pieces with the new parts. It is a significant endeavor to replace a section of a brick of masonry wall.

Precast concrete walls are incredibly easy to maintain, especially when compared to other types of fencing materials. Often just an annual walk along the wall and a simple wash are enough to keep it going. If the wall does have significant damage, it is easy to fix that section without impacting the rest of the wall.


You might be wondering why you should choose precast concrete when cast-in-place concrete is available. Sustainability is the answer. Because our CHISELSTONE™ walls are created in a climate-controlled warehouse, there is little waste due to insufficient curing of the concrete. Mistakes with cast-in-place concrete often require breaking down and replacing whole walls – with precast concrete, and it’s a matter of recasting that one section.

Plus, the forms used in cast-in-place concrete are almost always thrown away after one use. Precast concrete forms can be reused again and again –up to 40 or 50 times.

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Hopefully, you now have an idea for why you want to choose our CHISELSTONEwalls for your next project. If you still have questions, contact us. We’d be happy to help.