The Economics of Precast Concrete: Is It Worth the Investment?

A crew of construction workers surveying a precast concrete installation.

If you haven’t thought about using precast concrete walls in your new construction, you might not realize the benefits of this type of product.

Overall, many advantages that precast concrete offers over other materials come down to its value. From the initial construction process to the upkeep and care of the finished structure, the value of precast concrete is enduring.

Avoid the Time and Labor Involved in Pouring Your Own Concrete

When you customize and order precast concrete walls, you’ll leave the pouring of concrete in the hands of an experienced manufacturer. This saves you the time and work involved in pouring concrete on-site and waiting for it to cure.

Since precast concrete will get cured in a climate-controlled facility, you can trust that your wall segments will arrive at your site ready to install.

Another way this process saves you money is by helping you avoid delays caused by poor weather conditions. When you pour your own concrete, you might have to wait for precipitation to pass or for the temperature to rise. Using precast concrete helps you sidestep these issues.

Enjoy a Virtually Maintenance-Free Structure

Even after you complete your construction with precast concrete walls, you’ll continue to see the value of using this option.

The manufacturer will use a strong, time-tested formula for mixing the materials used in creating your precast concrete products. Additionally, rebar, joints, and fiber supports help strengthen the wall segments and reduce stress on the wall.

The high quality of these materials will leave you with precast concrete walls that will last for decades. The walls will be air resistant and waterproof, limiting your need for insulation and other types of building maintenance.

The need for repairs will be minimal as well. The finished wall will resist damages normally caused by severe weather conditions, abrasions, and corrosion.

There’s No Need for Additional Design Materials

In most cases, constructing a new building will involve going through a design phase. This typically involves painting the walls to match your style or design theme. There might also be a need to apply a protective finish or sealant. None of those steps are necessary when you use precast concrete walls in your project.

During the planning stage, you can design the precast walls your manufacturer will make for you. This involves choosing the color and texture of the concrete. You can also add patterns since your molds will be made according to your specifications.

The result will be finished wall panels that will be erected when they come. There won’t be a need to paint or style them.

Additionally, you can ask the manufacturer to add an aggregate, such as flagstones, to create a unique texture. Choose the size and shape of each segment to customize your design further without increasing your project’s costs.

We Offer a Wide Range of Precast Concrete Products

Whether you’re launching a smaller project, such as installing a new property barrier, or you’re building a large structure, American Precast Concrete has the materials you need. If you’re ready to learn more about precast concrete, contact us today.